July 31, 2008

5 Things that made me smile today….:)

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  • I got to spend some time with this guy today.  WOW, what a testimony and passion for the kingdom of Heaven.  “God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME”  Watch it HERE!
  • This blog, on UT Sports.  I read alot of UT sites, but this one keeps me rolling…Today was no exception.
  • 4 students accepted Christ for the first time, last night at Switch.  How cool is that…….
  • We played this game, last night, that envolved eating liquid popcorn butter, all three of them puked.  I think thats a record for most hurling in one game..
  • Los, at Ragamuffinsoul.com, had a blog post, ‘I hate it when my worship leader……”  you fill in the blank.   Some of the comments made throw up in my mouth (not really).  See if you resonate with any of them HERE……

May 16, 2008

It’s time to start planning for your Father’s Day media presentations.

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A buddy of mine, Richard Gaspard, of Crossroads Creative, has some really cool father’s day videos, that you can check out, HERE! 

Also:  Here are some things you could get from his site:  A

30 sec. “Happy Fathers” Day piece, and a Sermon Opener titled “The US Male.” Both would fit perfectly for Father’s Day. He is actually the actor in The US Male. He dressed up as a postman, dancing around a neighborhood to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”  You’ll have to see it, to believe it…:)


The Father’s Day piece is part of their Billboards line and the US Male is part of their On Ramps line.
Plus, if any of YOU go to the site, He’ll give you a 30% off coupon. All you have to do is enter this password:

MMMATTERS   when you checkout. This is good for anything in the store, any time they want it, not just Father’s Day!   

Be sure and check out Richard’s Blog HERE!  (leave him a message and tell him THANKS)  and he also happens to work at this amazing church, Check it out HERE!


March 13, 2008

Blogs that I”m watching this week.

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This guy has done some interesting comparisons with Mediashout vs. Propresenter, as of late.  Check it out.  


These guys are pastors at lifechurch.tv Hendersonville.  There is nothing to read, they do it all in video, in typical LC style.  


This stuff cracks me up, and I’m really shocked how he pegged me.  Must see.  Do you shop at REI, Target, Ikea, The Apple Store?  Just checking……

January 9, 2008

Collide Magazine announces Readers Choice Awards..

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jan_feb_082.jpgCollide Magazine has released their Jan/Feb 08 edition, with The Reader’s Choice Awards: Best of 2007.  Below are the notables  Best Recording Artist:  David Crowder Band      Best Tech Blog:  Engadget    Best Ministry Blog:  Church Marketing Sucks      Best Church Media Software:  MediaShout 3.5        I just got mine in the mail, and I’m always excited to thumb through the thought provoking articles and tech links.  Check them out..