April 23, 2008

Noah’s Ark, Going green, and readings….

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  • Is it just me, or is this Hillary vs. Obama thing about to really turn ugly.  He outspends her 3 to 1, and finishes way behind in PA.  Was it money well spent?   How about we settle this WWE style, HERE it is!! (I love the ears, and Bill’s pithy comments)
  • Do you ascribe to Lifeboat Theology or Ark Theology.   Read more HERE! (leave me a comment)
  • I am just finishing the book, “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”, and I’m looking forward to Rob Bell’s new one, Jesus Wants to Save Christians.(due out in October)
  • Val and I are still looking at testdriving different vehicles..If gas prices keep going up and up, we might need to seriously look into Alternative fuel cars..
  • The Vols score with McDonald’s All-American, Hopson,  HERE!
  • Have a good hump day..

March 4, 2008

Thoughts on Politics, Media coverage, Rush’s revolt

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  • rush-limbaugh.jpgToday’s focus turns to Texas and Ohio for the big vote:  Can Hillary stay in the race?
  • Barack Hussein Obama outspent her in those two states 5-1, can she still compete? It appears that Texas is the “all or nothing” state.  Other countries are calling our election process a joke.  Is it really about the money?
  • The Media has written off Huckabee, the guy seems to me to have the most Reagan-esque qualities.  During the debates, he averaged 7 minutes of speaking to McCain’s 22 minutes.   How can they get away with this? 
  • Ann Coulter will support Hillary?  Watch her HERE!
  • Rush Limbaugh has called for all “Ditto-heads”, er, Republicans, to vote for Hillary to throw the DP into a political mess.  Watch it HERE!!   Can this strategy work?  I can’t wait to find out tonight. 

January 11, 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary…..

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I’m sad to announce that the world lost one of its great sporting icons yesterday with the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary. He was 88. This guy was a stud!  Not only was the first person to BAG Mt. Everest back in 1953, his first words upon reaching the summit were,edmund-hillary.jpg “Well, we knocked the bastard off.”  Being into Mountain climbing myself, alot of people might be able to say they’ve accomplished something, but there will never be another first.  In anything you do in life, Trailblazing a new path would be the hardest.  In the Christian walk, going  where no one has ever gone before, daring to dream God-sized dreams, doing what most would deem impossible.  What has God called you, to be the first to accomplish??