March 3, 2008

Larry Norman Revisited

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larrynorman_thebestof.jpgThe Father of Christian Rock and Roll Passed away a week ago, Sunday, at the age of 60.  He inspired me in my walk with God, THIS SONG gets me every time, as well as an entire generation, and was the epitome of what cultural relevance looked like for his time, and yet held onto his core values relentlessly.  He opened for such groups as The Grateful Dead, and Janis Joplin, and was covered by groups such as DC Talk, most known for  “I wish we’d all been ready”.   I bought several of his CD’s and they really stand the test of time.  I even bought a video of him, with interview footage of what each song meant to him.  He was controversial for his time, bringing up STD’s to a religious audienceas well.  This guy was WAY ahead of his time.   My favorite Larry Norman song? Watch it:   Why should the Devil have all the good music…..    Today, he’s in heaven, probably playing these songs at Jesus’ Feet.  So, do you have a favorite Larry Norman song? 

February 29, 2008

Church Media “Pick of the Week”

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wf_completeeasterhd.jpgOnly a few more weeks to get your service planned.   You can buy it HERE!  Created in partnership with, Complete Easter, by Worship Films,  is a unique collection of great music and great media for Easter worship services. Included in this collection are:

– 6 Easter songs (5 traditional hymns in contemporary arrangements, plus an original Easter worship song) – all accompanied by original videos! For each song, there is a demonstration version with and without lyrics, a split/click track version with and without lyrics, and a chord chart.

– 6 Long Plays, taken from the accompanying song videos

– 10+ Looping Backgrounds

– 2 5-Minute Countdowns

– A video Sermon Illustrator

Take a look at what it has to offer, buy the whole thing, or download only the ones you like, or need.  Either way, remember a ton of people acribe to the CEO model.  They only attend church on Christmas an Easter Only.    Make the most of it.  

February 21, 2008

Samepage Music and Mediashout partner together…wow..

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samepage-complete.gifNow, the most popular presentation software, and Collide magazine’s Best for 2007, Mediashout, comes together to directly integrate with SAMEPAGE Music.  Check em out.   This is really going to be a great partnership, for a total worship experience.   You knew eventually someone would pull it all together. This is Samepage:  Instead of three brands of music stands scattered across the platform with taped-on sheet music, a plasma screen propped in front of the front row and notes wedged into the corners of the stage monitors, someone would invent a way to put everyone on the same page. Well, they did. The Corevalus system, though complex, solves the problem and is easy to use. The company’s management team draws from a deep computer literacy and a broad commitment to worship. The result is SamePage. A host computer handles the tasks of processing and displaying music and lyrics to a group of attached flat panel displays. Each panel is about the size of a music stand. So the congregation is not forced to look through an unwieldy box, SamePage can compile a set list, display the lyrics for the vocalists, show different transpositions to each instrumentalist and add songs on the fly. The impact Corevalus will have on the worship community is immense. Just as Aviom altered the audio landscape and made personal monitoring the norm, so too, SamePage will change the way teams track their music. With SamePage, the band can instantly throw in an invitation hymn, drop a half step on a ballad and quickly download a song referenced in the sermon, Corevalus has eliminated the clutter and confusion of visualizing music by delivering a product that all future competitors will be hard pressed to meet.”   Could your church use something like this? 

February 13, 2008

How media impacts Teen culture..

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I read this over at Church Relevance today, and felt compelled to post it.  This is tragic.  Its not easy being a teenager anymore.  

by Kent Shaffer.

junkfood-yo-mtv-raps-k-1.jpgSex, Drugs in modern music

How inappropriate is modern music?According to the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, quite a bit. Researchers analyzed Billboard magazine’s top 279 most popular songs of 2005 to determine what percentage of songs referenced tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. Here are some highlights from their findings:

  • 1 in 3 songs portray substance use (33.3%)
    >> 4 in 5 rap songs (77%)
    >> 1 in 3 country songs (36%)
    >> 1 in 5 R&B/hip-hop songs (20%)
    >> 1 in 7 rock songs (14%)
    >> 1 in 10 pop songs (9%)

    • 1 in 25 songs have antiuse messages (4%)
    • The average adolescent is exposed to approximately 84 references to explicit substance use daily in popular songs, and this exposure varies widely by musical genre.

    Although the study did not analyze the frequency of sex and violence in popular music, 46% of substance use references were associated with sex, and 29% were associated with violence. This should come as no surprise to youth pastors. But it is surprising from the perspective that the average teenager hears 588 messages a week about substance use compared to one message a week from the youth group. A youth pastor better make his message count.