July 15, 2008

6 things that made me smile today..:)

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  1. This picture, of my campus pastor, Andrew.   He and Marilyn are good friends.. 🙂
  2. My dad got to go home from the hospital, after a week and a half.   He had a new pace-maker installed.  You gotta love technology…
  3. 51 more days until “Football Time in Tennessee”.   College football season is fast approaching, and there just isn’t much in the news.  ESPN is covering baseball galore, which bores me out of my mind.   Bring UCLA on now, let’s get it on…
  4. Val and I celebrate our 10th anniv. on Friday, I can’t believe how time flys.  We are going to do it up right.  It seems like yesterday that we loaded up the Ford Probe, (yes, it was a probe) and moved to Washington State for our first pastorate.  Time flys when you’re having fun. 
  5. God is so good. He is continually faithful, and He has given me a renewed passion for life.  I gotta get outside and enjoy His beautiful creation.  Time to start planning another hiking trip.  😉
  6. Online communities, such as this.  It makes the world alittle bit smaller, and brings people closer together.  Sweetness…

June 26, 2008

Kayaking, oneprayer, and the Fourth

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  • I got to go kayakinglast weekend with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  My Pastor at Lifechurch.tv, HNV, Andrew, and my buddy Aaron that is visiting from Vancouver.  We decided to make it an overnight-er, and deemed that kayaking sounds much more manly than canoes.  We decided to go for a 20 mile section of the Harpeth River.  The plan was to kayak down about half way, and then spend the night on the riverbank, making it the rest of the way in the morning.  Unfortunately our trip was cut short by injury.  Andrew and Aaron’s kayaks collided, leaving Andrew with sorely bruised ribs.  We evacuated him at the closest take-out point, luckily nothing broken.  Insult to injury all his gear was soaked, so was Aaron’s camera and phone.  Wow, what a trip.   I think we’ll need to go back and conquer that section again. 😉
  • Oneprayercontinues to blow me away.  Ed Young brought the message this week as only he can.  Its been neat to read around the blogosphere of the unifying efforts going on.  Prayer and fasting goes a long ways.  It’s drawn me into a closer walk with Him….God is good…
  • We had over 100 people at Switch last week, wow.  10 got saved, including 2 parents!!
  • The Fourth of July is coming quickly.  I love fireworks and BBQ on the grill.  Looks like we’ll be hosting friends from Chattanooga and Vancouver that day.  Sweet…   Don’t forget to check out www.shoutable.com for downloadable “4th” backgrounds, videos, and countdowns. 

April 14, 2008

Monday Morning random thoughts

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  • Great weekend, Another great weekend for Services at Lifechurch.tv in Hendersonville.  The Warrior series has led to some great conversations with the wifey.  Apparently i’m not the only one with remote control hogging issues.  🙂  We are getting somewhat closer to a new (er)  building.  We’ve certainly outgrown our little stripmall, and as Jerry said, these are the “good ole days”.   I can’t believe the momentum behind the “One Prayer” campaign we are launching, and the number of churches participating.  Is your church participating?  Check the list out HERE!
  • Rain and cold in Nashville, we even had snow this morning, what in the world..I ran out of gas cutting my lawn, and by the time I returned with more, the rain had started again.  crazy weather.
  • The Orange and White game is this coming Saturday, only 141 more days till the Vols hit the gridiron this fall.   Who will win the starting qb job? My money is on Coleman…
  • I test drove 3 mini-vans this weekend.  Thats right, shoud i turn in my Man-Card?  I guess this is just where we are in life right now.  lol…What is the coolest looking one in your opinion?  (If there is such a thing)
  • Hopson put some more pics of our hike, up at his site, HERE,  check it out. 

March 24, 2008

Monday Morning Madness

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  • sweetsixteen.jpgWhat a tournament so far.  The Vols beat American, and then a spirited Butler team, to advance on to the Sweet Sixteen.  They did all this without any real sign of a point guard, but i’m thinking JP Prince(6 turnovers vs Butler), once given a chance to feel more comfortable, will be the PG of the future, no time though, we’ve got bigger fish to fry, bring on Louisville, and then probably UNC.   I like our matchup vs the Cardinals.
  • At Lifechurch.tv we had our Baptism Bash (rubber duckies and all) and we started a  brand new series, The Warrior.  It was amazing, and Craig touched on several hot issues, such as how some churches emasculate men.  
  •  Emasculate: to deprive of strength, vigor, or spirit : weaken 2 : to deprive of virility or procreative power : castrate
  • My last church had such frou frou things scattered about, even the furniture looked feminine.  Craig touched on how typical Mother’s day sermons are usually positive and speak of how awesome our women are, while Father’s Day sermons are usually an opportunity to tell men how they really should act, and what they are doing wrong.  Is this true in your experiences?  (Leave me a comment)
  • No Switch this week, due to Spring Break. 
  • Romans 8:32     He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

  • Next Sunday’s Title, “The Wounded Warrior”.  I can’t wait!

February 25, 2008

Monday morning mind melt

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prince_jp_ap_260.jpg24ten_xlarge3.jpgHere are some thoughts on a great weekend.

  • The Vols topple previous unbeaten, #1 Memphis, locally known as Tiger High, to Claim the #1 rank for Mens Basketball.  Wow, what an amazing game!
  • Is Bruce Pearl not a Genius?  This guy has taken us a long ways, in a short amount of time.  We may not be the best team, but we are the #1 team. 
  • Friday, I got taken to lunch by Pastor Brandon, of Lifechurch.tv HNV.   This guy is a musical freak.  I love this guy. 
  • Sunday we continued our “Hostage Series”,  this is intense, and i’m thinking my feet just got stepped on……in a good way. 
  • Snow one day and 62 degrees the next?  I’m ready for Spring… 
  • I got my tix to the Vandy/Vols showdown tomorrow night.  SWEET!

January 30, 2008

Videos and Films that communicate a central idea in service planning. (part 1)

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filming.jpgI’m a big fan of churches that use some form of video to assist in communicating the overall message.  Especially if you are dealing with students that are wired for this type of thing.  It’s in their DNA to crave this stuff.  We just got through with a  series called,”Film School”  at my church.  Some of the movies we used were Spiderman 3 and Mean Girls.   I’m also a fan of Lifechurch.tv’s reoccuring character of “Satan” himself, recently reappearing this past week, HERE!  The Series is called, “How to BE rich”, check IT out HERE.  I just saw a set of posts from Boyd Bettis, called, “Ideas for your: Worship Environments..”Check it out HERE.  The videos that they use to start their services are very thematic with the message and help tie everything in together.  Notice the music selection with each piece.  Send me a link to some of the videos or films you guys are using at your place.  Thoughts? 

January 7, 2008

A long drive, but worth the Beatdown…

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photo_010208_014.jpgphoto_010208_010.jpgSo, after a 4 day layover in Oklahoma to visit the inlaws, I traveled to Phoenix, for a nice Sunburn, and a fantastic game (depending who you rooted on).  WVU played inspired and with fire, it showed.  The game was never really in doubt, as OU had no answers for the Spread Option.  Perhaps more big 12 teams will run it now.  WVU even got a new coach out of the deal.   I got to visit a few Sister churches while in OKC. I got to visit Trevor and the South OKC Campus of Lifechurch.tv on saturday, and Lifechurch.tv OKC on Sunday.   It’s truly amazing to see what God is doing across the country through Video Venue Churches. 

December 26, 2007

Christmas Services…a media person’s time to shine

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Feeling the Holy Hangover yet?  The “coming down” from the spiritual high of Seasonal Church Production takes it’s toll.  The blown fuses, the burned out lights, the protools glitch, the hanging live satellite feeds, the audio crisis’…. all in a days work in the AV booth right?   And it’s always amazing to me to see the spirit in the air around Christmas.  This video pretty much nutshell’s this past weekend for me.  I can’t seem to get it out of my head, which is a good thing, I guess.  This week, at our church campus, we saw 15 accept Christ for the first time, and we reached our “high water mark”, for attendance.  Read more about it HERE.   My senior pastor, Craig Groeschel started off by saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter.   Referring to CEO Christians as those that come to church only on Christmas and Easter.  This made me laugh, and think at the same time.  How many people only come to church during these two Sundays, and why?  It also made me think of the intentionality we need to have in service planning and execution for these events.  We should put our best foot forward, with excellence.  How does this translate?   We plan for months on end for 2 Holidays, but what about the other 50 weeks in the year?  As we reflect on the year that is coming to an end, and vision the future year ahead of us, what do you want to see God do in your life, and in your church for 2008?  May this be the best year yet….