September 5, 2008

Does this make you want to buy a PC, instead of a Mac??

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July 11, 2008

Get a grip, its just a stupid phone….

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January 31, 2008

Mediashout 3.5 on a Mac

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bootcamp_hero20071016.pngI’m very pleased so far with Bootcamp, an apple application which allows users to be able to run Windows on your Mac.  The Leopard OS comes standard with Bootcamp, and allows you to run all of your Windows stuff, if so desired.  This is great for churches that want to make the switch, but don’t have thousands of dollars to abandon their favorite Windows programs, such as Mediashout, and move over completely to Native Apple products. I call it the best of both worlds (eh, perhaps i’ve been exposed to too much of my daughters Hannah Montana music).   Anyway, I get phone calls all of the time, of churches wanting to make the switch, but want to bring their PC software with them.  This program is for you.    Have you made the switch yet?  Are you thinking about it?