February 21, 2008

Samepage Music and Mediashout partner together…wow..

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samepage-complete.gifNow, the most popular presentation software, and Collide magazine’s Best for 2007, Mediashout, comes together to directly integrate with SAMEPAGE Music.  Check em out.   This is really going to be a great partnership, for a total worship experience.   You knew eventually someone would pull it all together. This is Samepage:  Instead of three brands of music stands scattered across the platform with taped-on sheet music, a plasma screen propped in front of the front row and notes wedged into the corners of the stage monitors, someone would invent a way to put everyone on the same page. Well, they did. The Corevalus system, though complex, solves the problem and is easy to use. The company’s management team draws from a deep computer literacy and a broad commitment to worship. The result is SamePage. A host computer handles the tasks of processing and displaying music and lyrics to a group of attached flat panel displays. Each panel is about the size of a music stand. So the congregation is not forced to look through an unwieldy box, SamePage can compile a set list, display the lyrics for the vocalists, show different transpositions to each instrumentalist and add songs on the fly. The impact Corevalus will have on the worship community is immense. Just as Aviom altered the audio landscape and made personal monitoring the norm, so too, SamePage will change the way teams track their music. With SamePage, the band can instantly throw in an invitation hymn, drop a half step on a ballad and quickly download a song referenced in the sermon, Corevalus has eliminated the clutter and confusion of visualizing music by delivering a product that all future competitors will be hard pressed to meet.”   Could your church use something like this? 

December 27, 2007

Pushing the line in Visual presentations….

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What a thankless job sometimes.  When you do a great job in the media booth, nobody notices you, but when you make a mistake, everyone notices.  Isn’t this kind of counter-culture.  We are a people trying to stand out, trying to push the envelope.  But what a rewarding ministry.  I have no doubt in my mind that media can help win people to Christ.  So how do you gauge success?  The word I stress when presenting, is Seamless.  How seamless can we make each and every service from our aspect.  I don’t know about you, but i’m always looking for things online, through Youtube, etc, to bring into my presentations.  I use a free program called VIXY to convert my FLV files to AVI to show within Mediashout.  Some are funny like this one,   some are awe inspiring like this one, and some tend to push the line like this one.   Its this last one that I struggle with.  I call these 60-40 decisions.  Should I, or shouldn’t I.   When was the last time you presented something you weren’t sure would “go over”?  Is it ok to push the line here?  

December 26, 2007

Christmas Services…a media person’s time to shine

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Feeling the Holy Hangover yet?  The “coming down” from the spiritual high of Seasonal Church Production takes it’s toll.  The blown fuses, the burned out lights, the protools glitch, the hanging live satellite feeds, the audio crisis’…. all in a days work in the AV booth right?   And it’s always amazing to me to see the spirit in the air around Christmas.  This video pretty much nutshell’s this past weekend for me.  I can’t seem to get it out of my head, which is a good thing, I guess.  This week, at our church campus, we saw 15 accept Christ for the first time, and we reached our “high water mark”, for attendance.  Read more about it HERE.   My senior pastor, Craig Groeschel started off by saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter.   Referring to CEO Christians as those that come to church only on Christmas and Easter.  This made me laugh, and think at the same time.  How many people only come to church during these two Sundays, and why?  It also made me think of the intentionality we need to have in service planning and execution for these events.  We should put our best foot forward, with excellence.  How does this translate?   We plan for months on end for 2 Holidays, but what about the other 50 weeks in the year?  As we reflect on the year that is coming to an end, and vision the future year ahead of us, what do you want to see God do in your life, and in your church for 2008?  May this be the best year yet….