February 11, 2008

Playing Youtube Videos in Church Presentation Software!

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Whether you use Propresenter, Easyworship, Mediashout, or the 46 other companies that Churches and like-minded organizations use to display lyrics, dvd’s, and other forms of Media, now there is a way to play Youtube files as well.  Welcome to Vixy.net.vixynet.jpg You can convert them into MP3, AVI, MOV, MP4,  and 3GP now, and its a free app

If you’re like myself, a fan of youtube; a vast library of videos submitted by users, you’re probably already hooked on tools such that allows you to download the video in FLVformat to store off line. I recently realized that there are lots of inspirational and funny videos available here as well as some of which I had tried in vain to search for, easily available by keying in the song title followed by a click on the Search button.   You can even convert to MP3, which you can then play on your Ipod, or MP3 player.  What a great tool for ministry.  Have you found a site like this that has worked for you?  Share!

December 27, 2007

Pushing the line in Visual presentations….

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What a thankless job sometimes.  When you do a great job in the media booth, nobody notices you, but when you make a mistake, everyone notices.  Isn’t this kind of counter-culture.  We are a people trying to stand out, trying to push the envelope.  But what a rewarding ministry.  I have no doubt in my mind that media can help win people to Christ.  So how do you gauge success?  The word I stress when presenting, is Seamless.  How seamless can we make each and every service from our aspect.  I don’t know about you, but i’m always looking for things online, through Youtube, etc, to bring into my presentations.  I use a free program called VIXY to convert my FLV files to AVI to show within Mediashout.  Some are funny like this one,   some are awe inspiring like this one, and some tend to push the line like this one.   Its this last one that I struggle with.  I call these 60-40 decisions.  Should I, or shouldn’t I.   When was the last time you presented something you weren’t sure would “go over”?  Is it ok to push the line here?