September 5, 2008

Does this make you want to buy a PC, instead of a Mac??

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April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright, Barna stats, and Youversion mobile

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  • My car wouldn’t start this morning, luckily the distributor is under warranty, must get that fixed today.  I’m not very patient when it comes to this type of thing.   Did I mention i’m looking for a new car????
  • From Barna Statistics, more and more churches are using projection systems, Check it out HERE.  which is good for me and my company. 🙂
  • My buddy David, wrote an excellent article on how this whole, Rev. Wright thing, is going over…. like a load of bricks…..Somewhere Hillary and McCain are laughing…
  • Over 500 churches have signed up to participate in the “One Prayer” campaign.  I’m expecting God to use this to reach a ton of people.  Has your church considered this
  • Ever wanted to access the Bible via your mobile phone?  Check out     This is a free app, with over 14 translations of the Bible, and much more.  You can use Daily Reading, using the One Year Bible, and work your way through.  Engage in scripture today!!
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February 11, 2008

Playing Youtube Videos in Church Presentation Software!

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Whether you use Propresenter, Easyworship, Mediashout, or the 46 other companies that Churches and like-minded organizations use to display lyrics, dvd’s, and other forms of Media, now there is a way to play Youtube files as well.  Welcome to You can convert them into MP3, AVI, MOV, MP4,  and 3GP now, and its a free app

If you’re like myself, a fan of youtube; a vast library of videos submitted by users, you’re probably already hooked on tools such that allows you to download the video in FLVformat to store off line. I recently realized that there are lots of inspirational and funny videos available here as well as some of which I had tried in vain to search for, easily available by keying in the song title followed by a click on the Search button.   You can even convert to MP3, which you can then play on your Ipod, or MP3 player.  What a great tool for ministry.  Have you found a site like this that has worked for you?  Share!

February 6, 2008

“Youtube Only” Church. Church of Blow

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070323_inside_tji.jpgThis cracks me up…Check it out on youtube, HERE        I found this article from Jason Wilkins,  Since the Lord is reportedly present throughout creation, it stands to reason that he pervades the World Wide Web. And lo, His cyber-prophet has emerged in Maine.The Church of Blow emerged a few months ago, and has issued more than thirty video-sermons to its growing flock. They all feature a young man in a purple robe decorated with green hearts. He has a Biblical beard and a bug-eyed look. “Hi, I’m Reverend Cornelius Blow,” he lightly drawls. “I have had a vision . . . I was instructed: ‘Cornelius, it’s time to start a church . . . on YouTube.’” Eagle-eyed fans of local theater may have already identified the RevCorBlow (“that’s my hip-hop name”) as Jeremiah McDonald, who has graced Portland-area stages with his laser-sharp comic timing. McDonald is also a filmmaker who has embraced the Web as a way to hone his craft while finding an audience. His videos, which have garnered more than 100,000 hits, were made with little more than a Mac laptop and a borrowed camera. YouTube presents them to the whole world at no cost.