July 31, 2008

5 Things that made me smile today….:)

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  • I got to spend some time with this guy today.  WOW, what a testimony and passion for the kingdom of Heaven.  “God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME”  Watch it HERE!
  • This blog, on UT Sports.  I read alot of UT sites, but this one keeps me rolling…Today was no exception.
  • 4 students accepted Christ for the first time, last night at Switch.  How cool is that…….
  • We played this game, last night, that envolved eating liquid popcorn butter, all three of them puked.  I think thats a record for most hurling in one game..
  • Los, at Ragamuffinsoul.com, had a blog post, ‘I hate it when my worship leader……”  you fill in the blank.   Some of the comments made throw up in my mouth (not really).  See if you resonate with any of them HERE……

July 30, 2008

Things to look forward to this week….

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  • Lifechurch.tv’s new series, above, focusing on the afterlife.  I can’t wait.
  • Big news tomorrow, very big.  Stop by here and see, or just ask me..:)
  • My mom and dad finally decided to move back to the Nashville area, woohoo…(can you say, free babysitting?)
  • Random thought for the day; “I’m losing 2 good friends, they are both moving to Oklahoma City, at the same time”.  What random timing….That’s ok, i’m holding it down here in the ‘ville, got plenty of Vols games to go to this year.  Come back and visit guys…
  • Hopson and I are setting up our next ‘Wild at Heart’ trip to the AT for the middle of October.  Anybody want to go with us?

July 25, 2008

Reading Goodness for the weekend………

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July 21, 2008

36 second fight, Jelly Telly, and ATM

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  • Fedor Emelianenko extended the fight for 36 seconds, in the first round, tapping out Tim the “maine-iac” Sylvia with a “rear naked chokehold”.  Watch HERE the fight, with post-interviews.
  • Affliction put on a great show, highlighted by a stellar group of Heavyweight fights.  For their first promotion, the edges were a bit rough, but they’ll definitely get better over time.  Donald Trump was on hand, and the stars came out to see Fedor do his thing.   I don’t think I’ve felt so much hype since Mike Tyson was slaying people in his hayday.  The best is yet to come, with Fedor hopefully fighting Randy Couture. 
  • On the media front;  Do you remember Phil Vischer, the brain behind Veggietales?  Well, he’s at it again, this time with , Jelly Telly.  If you have time, watch him give his compelling reasons for launching this ministry, and the thoughts behind it with sample cartoons.  A must watch, HERE!!!
  • ATM (Lifechurch.tv’s At the Movies) keeps going strong, with this weeks movie used, being “The Bucket List”.  It’s not too late to check this week’s series out, tomorrow, live, at our Internet campus, HERE!    Notice the countdown till the experience begins….

July 18, 2008

Fedor returns to the ring tomorrow night, I can’t wait….

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So the question is, are you “into” Mixed Martial Arts fighting?   You’ve probably at least heard of the clothing line, “Affliction”.  I haven’t seen Fedor fight since he was with Pride, and I’m looking forward to watching this.  Never heard of him?  Watch him HERE!

July 17, 2008

Sometimes you need to unplug…

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When I need to unplug from my life that is so consumed with Media, i try to get out of my cave, and venture into nature.  I call it, my “wild at heart” trips.  Whether walking, running, Kayaking, hiking, canoeing, backpacking, or even camping, sometimes you just need to get away, unplug, to listen and reflect.  How do YOU unplug, and where do you go to do so? 

This is where i retreated yesterday, Couchville Lake, Long Hunter State Park….2 mile loop….

And he [the Lord] said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind and earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:
And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

— I Kings 19: 11-12 (KJV)

July 15, 2008

6 things that made me smile today..:)

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  1. This picture, of my campus pastor, Andrew.   He and Marilyn are good friends.. 🙂
  2. My dad got to go home from the hospital, after a week and a half.   He had a new pace-maker installed.  You gotta love technology…
  3. 51 more days until “Football Time in Tennessee”.   College football season is fast approaching, and there just isn’t much in the news.  ESPN is covering baseball galore, which bores me out of my mind.   Bring UCLA on now, let’s get it on…
  4. Val and I celebrate our 10th anniv. on Friday, I can’t believe how time flys.  We are going to do it up right.  It seems like yesterday that we loaded up the Ford Probe, (yes, it was a probe) and moved to Washington State for our first pastorate.  Time flys when you’re having fun. 
  5. God is so good. He is continually faithful, and He has given me a renewed passion for life.  I gotta get outside and enjoy His beautiful creation.  Time to start planning another hiking trip.  😉
  6. Online communities, such as this.  It makes the world alittle bit smaller, and brings people closer together.  Sweetness…

July 11, 2008

Get a grip, its just a stupid phone….

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July 9, 2008

New Media that should be on your Radar…

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Igniter Media does it again.  Intro: Igniter(backs)4       Unlike movie sequels that tend to be less impressive than the original (see Indiana Jones), Igniter comes through with another amazing set of backgrounds, motion loops, countdowns, and stills.  If you are looking for that perfect new look for the Fall, yes I said Fall, and yes, I know that it’s July, check this out.

July 7, 2008

4th of July, ATM, and Stints

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  • Below are some pics I snapped of our Fourth of July Celebration at Providence, in Mt. Juliet.  Wow, for the first time ever to be held there, it was awesome.  It had a Christian theme, and was supported with vendors, and eateries and such.  The entertainment was better than what was offered downtown, with Jeff Deyo performing, (of Sonicflood fame), followed by Chris Sligh (of American Idol fame).  It was perfect for families with small children, with lots of free stuff to enjoy, not to mention the shops at Providence.  Very nice, considering its 10 minutes from the house.   My best buds, Marc and Miranda brought their son Aiden, and Aaron and Christina brought their kids, Emmaline and Eli  (all seen in the pics…:))
  • At the movies,
  • at lifechurch.tv, came to an amazing start.  Our first movie we got to see was, The Pursuit of Happiness.  Unbelievable to see the  tears in the room, very touching.  Huge crowds, and many first time decisions were made, I can’t wait for next week!! 
  • If you can remember, say a prayer for my Dad today, he’s having his heart scoped at St. Thomas, who knows whats next, may a stint or two??