April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright, Barna stats, and Youversion mobile

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  • My car wouldn’t start this morning, luckily the distributor is under warranty, must get that fixed today.  I’m not very patient when it comes to this type of thing.   Did I mention i’m looking for a new car????
  • From Barna Statistics, more and more churches are using projection systems, Check it out HERE.  which is good for me and my company. 🙂
  • My buddy David, wrote an excellent article on how this whole, Rev. Wright thing, is going over…. like a load of bricks…..Somewhere Hillary and McCain are laughing…
  • Over 500 churches have signed up to participate in the “One Prayer” campaign.  I’m expecting God to use this to reach a ton of people.  Has your church considered this
  • Ever wanted to access the Bible via your mobile phone?  Check out http://m.youversion.com     This is a free app, with over 14 translations of the Bible, and much more.  You can use Daily Reading, using the One Year Bible, and work your way through.  Engage in scripture today!!
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April 28, 2008

Vancouver trip, memorial service, and Monday madness..

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I had a great opportunity to make it back to the Pacific Northwest this past weekend for Samantha’s Memorial Service.  It was very fitting, and touching.  Pastor Mitchell Burch gave the message.  Thoughts: 

  • It was very emotional, and from the testimonies about her life, 22 people gave their lives to Christ.  Praise God.   I thought it was very fitting that my church started a new series which gave me some very fitting answers in times like these, check it out, HERE!
  • Vancouver hasn’t changed much in 3 years, besides some random LA fitness’ going up.  It was cold and rainy untill the last day, but then again, “when in Rome’……(the mountains were snowcapped)  i made it over to the coast, and snapped the above pic. (Haystack Rock) 
  • When you tell people that you are “doing life together”, its so true, it just isn’t lip service, regardless of distance.   (looks like lots of my favorite people are getting married, great reason to go back)
  • Thanks to Mike Floyd for letting me borrow one of his 28 cars, :),while i was there, and to Greg C. for putting me up for the night and for teaching me everything i need to know about coffee.  Thanks to Aaron for his hospitality, and expert driving skills and airport shuttling.  good times.
  • Some of my former students, and i, got to hang last Friday night, we went to the Kennedy School, very cool.  I miss these guys, it just didn’t seem like three years have come and gone.   See below pic.

April 23, 2008

Noah’s Ark, Going green, and readings….

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  • Is it just me, or is this Hillary vs. Obama thing about to really turn ugly.  He outspends her 3 to 1, and finishes way behind in PA.  Was it money well spent?   How about we settle this WWE style, HERE it is!! (I love the ears, and Bill’s pithy comments)
  • Do you ascribe to Lifeboat Theology or Ark Theology.   Read more HERE! (leave me a comment)
  • I am just finishing the book, “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”, and I’m looking forward to Rob Bell’s new one, Jesus Wants to Save Christians.(due out in October)
  • Val and I are still looking at testdriving different vehicles..If gas prices keep going up and up, we might need to seriously look into Alternative fuel cars..
  • The Vols score with McDonald’s All-American, Hopson,  HERE!
  • Have a good hump day..

April 22, 2008

Tuesday happenings..and the week ahead

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  • Happy Earth Day.  Go hug a tree.  Start recycling, if you haven’t already. I have about 30 huge trees in my back yard, most over 40 feet high, and one was rotten to the core.  It was bound to fall ASAP, if not on my house, then perhaps one of two neighbor’s homes.  Not a good way to be a friendly neighbor, er, oh by the way, your home is flattened by a tree in my yard.  After numerous attempts at contacting my neighborhood committee for approval to get it chopped down, and two visits from potential axmen, the tree fell in the middle of the night, unbelievably it toppled gently into the woods, the only direction it wasn’t leaning, very weird.  I’ll chalk this one up to God and prayer, this tree looked destined to hit my house from the way it was leaning. 
  • I usually don’t get super personal, but this would be an exception I’m ok with. 
  • One of my former students went home to be with the Lord last week, Samantha Middlebrooks was taken in a tragic car accident, she was only 21.  Way too young.  I’m still kind of numb to the whole thing, she was blessed with an amazing husband, and close friend to me, whom I worked with for 5 amazing years in Vancouver, Jonathan.  Also was the daughter to Two amazing people, Pastor Randy and Tamara Kerr. 
  • When i started out as a Middle School Pastor, she had just entered the sixth grade, and got to be her pastor, even as I moved up to be her HS Pastor.  She led worship at our Youth Service every week with Steve, we called it, “The Ten Spot”, and was ever faithful to God and her ministry.  She left a lasting imprint on so many people, including her small group leaders(LeeAnn, Kristal, Bree, Stephanie, etc).  I haven’t been back to Vancouver in over 3 years now, and have so many people I can’t wait to see, re-kindle friendships, and for a time…grieve.  I haven’t seen Aaron Wilder in over 3 years, wow.  I miss that guy.  I fly in on Thursday, returning on Saturday.  Please keep Sam’s family in your prayers…(She’s in the pic, right behind Johnny Gaither, and Lauren Heerlein, beside Jill)

April 17, 2008

She’s got a point…. (thoughts on last weeks rendition?)

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Watch it HERE, if you missed it..

April 15, 2008

Is this guy for REAL? Vote Here!

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April 14, 2008

Monday Morning random thoughts

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  • Great weekend, Another great weekend for Services at Lifechurch.tv in Hendersonville.  The Warrior series has led to some great conversations with the wifey.  Apparently i’m not the only one with remote control hogging issues.  🙂  We are getting somewhat closer to a new (er)  building.  We’ve certainly outgrown our little stripmall, and as Jerry said, these are the “good ole days”.   I can’t believe the momentum behind the “One Prayer” campaign we are launching, and the number of churches participating.  Is your church participating?  Check the list out HERE!
  • Rain and cold in Nashville, we even had snow this morning, what in the world..I ran out of gas cutting my lawn, and by the time I returned with more, the rain had started again.  crazy weather.
  • The Orange and White game is this coming Saturday, only 141 more days till the Vols hit the gridiron this fall.   Who will win the starting qb job? My money is on Coleman…
  • I test drove 3 mini-vans this weekend.  Thats right, shoud i turn in my Man-Card?  I guess this is just where we are in life right now.  lol…What is the coolest looking one in your opinion?  (If there is such a thing)
  • Hopson put some more pics of our hike, up at his site, HERE,  check it out. 

April 11, 2008

Back from Vacation, er, hiking in the GSMNP….

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  • Hawaii trip postponed due to Aloha, ATA going belly up, thanks guys, great week to cancel my flights.  Bankruptcy sucks.. 
  • So, i still wanted to get out somewhere, so I chose the most remote location in the  Eastern US, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Appalachian Trail.  Jon and I tackled a 24 mile section from Clingman’s Dome to Cades Cove.  Not necessarily a relaxing vacation, but breathtaking views, scenic vistas, and unforgettable memories. 
  • We got to see lots of Thru-Hikers on their way to Maine.  At the pace they were headed, they could reach Katahdin by October.  5 stone, andTee the Colonol stuck out to me, a gulf war vet doing something he’d always wanted to do, also a father and son that knock out 70 miles or so every spring break.  Due to so much rain, no one was spared from huge blisters, and many were considering their options.  Check them out on trail  journals, so this could be fun to track their journey. 
  • Highlight of the trip:  Summitting Rocky Top.   For those not familiar with the song, click HERE!
  • I’m glad to be back, lots of neat things coming down the path of life.  
  • Sure was nice, after living a life completely Media-driven, and plugged in, to just unplug for a week.  wow…


April 3, 2008

Local Concert, Tomorrow!

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My Homie, Jason, is pulling this off, so you know its going to be amazing.   Check it out.  Brad Reynolds, David Teems, The Anna Ross Project, Maureen Murphy , and Brandon Frazier will be performing. The music will be incredible, (how could it NOT be with THAT line-up!?)  The $10 suggested donation includes dinner at one of Hendersonville’s best event venues – the Lighthouse (formerly Dickie’s Lighthouse, formerly a bunch of things on Sanders Ferry Road). I had lunch there recently and the food, service, and presentation are all top notch.


Go to Transparent Christian Magazine and click the “Show Your Soul” link for more information. It’s a really great cause, and will be loads of fun. We are hoping the weather will be warm enough for Margaret to open the large sliding doors that overlook Old Hickory Lake!

April 1, 2008

Has this ever happened at your church?

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