July 31, 2008

5 Things that made me smile today….:)

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  • I got to spend some time with this guy today.  WOW, what a testimony and passion for the kingdom of Heaven.  “God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME”  Watch it HERE!
  • This blog, on UT Sports.  I read alot of UT sites, but this one keeps me rolling…Today was no exception.
  • 4 students accepted Christ for the first time, last night at Switch.  How cool is that…….
  • We played this game, last night, that envolved eating liquid popcorn butter, all three of them puked.  I think thats a record for most hurling in one game..
  • Los, at Ragamuffinsoul.com, had a blog post, ‘I hate it when my worship leader……”  you fill in the blank.   Some of the comments made throw up in my mouth (not really).  See if you resonate with any of them HERE……

June 26, 2008

Kayaking, oneprayer, and the Fourth

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  • I got to go kayakinglast weekend with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  My Pastor at Lifechurch.tv, HNV, Andrew, and my buddy Aaron that is visiting from Vancouver.  We decided to make it an overnight-er, and deemed that kayaking sounds much more manly than canoes.  We decided to go for a 20 mile section of the Harpeth River.  The plan was to kayak down about half way, and then spend the night on the riverbank, making it the rest of the way in the morning.  Unfortunately our trip was cut short by injury.  Andrew and Aaron’s kayaks collided, leaving Andrew with sorely bruised ribs.  We evacuated him at the closest take-out point, luckily nothing broken.  Insult to injury all his gear was soaked, so was Aaron’s camera and phone.  Wow, what a trip.   I think we’ll need to go back and conquer that section again. 😉
  • Oneprayercontinues to blow me away.  Ed Young brought the message this week as only he can.  Its been neat to read around the blogosphere of the unifying efforts going on.  Prayer and fasting goes a long ways.  It’s drawn me into a closer walk with Him….God is good…
  • We had over 100 people at Switch last week, wow.  10 got saved, including 2 parents!!
  • The Fourth of July is coming quickly.  I love fireworks and BBQ on the grill.  Looks like we’ll be hosting friends from Chattanooga and Vancouver that day.  Sweet…   Don’t forget to check out www.shoutable.com for downloadable “4th” backgrounds, videos, and countdowns. 

May 14, 2008

MiniVans, Godtube, and Worship Films

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  • I’m pumped about Church tonight, I got to speak at Switch last Wednesday, “Tough Choices”, and 5 students accepted Christ for the first time, not bad for having 4 hours of notice, it HAD to be God and Him alone.  Tonight we are going to get messy.  Andy is breaking out some of his own songs too, I can’ t wait:  Check him out HERE!. 
  • Yes, remind me who i need to turn in my “ManCard” to, Val and I bought a Mini-van, a Toyota Sienna, and i’m officially done with my VW jetta.  Praise God.  I only had it towed four times this year, definitely time for an upgrade.  Lol
  • I’ve never been a huge fan of Godtube, but its definitely gotten better.  Easy to find messages, and clips longer than 10 minutes.  I watched an entire 45 minute message, but it took me 2 days to do so, with interruptions and such.  Download them into your presentation software with Vixy.net…Its a presenter’s best friend:)
  • I’ve been checking out Worship Films; Visual Fusion, and I’m liking it.  Seems like nothing new is flooding the market right now, thanks guys.  More on Father’s Day Media tomorrow….

January 31, 2008

Mediashout 3.5 on a Mac

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bootcamp_hero20071016.pngI’m very pleased so far with Bootcamp, an apple application which allows users to be able to run Windows on your Mac.  The Leopard OS comes standard with Bootcamp, and allows you to run all of your Windows stuff, if so desired.  This is great for churches that want to make the switch, but don’t have thousands of dollars to abandon their favorite Windows programs, such as Mediashout, and move over completely to Native Apple products. I call it the best of both worlds (eh, perhaps i’ve been exposed to too much of my daughters Hannah Montana music).   Anyway, I get phone calls all of the time, of churches wanting to make the switch, but want to bring their PC software with them.  This program is for you.    Have you made the switch yet?  Are you thinking about it?