March 26, 2008

Easter is over, bring on Mothers Day

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  • springbreaklogo.jpgIts that time of year, most churches are still recovering from a crazy Easter Week, with services on Wed, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Tenabrae, Easter Egg Hunt Saturday and Easter Sunday, this is a crazy week.  See what some crazy churches did, HERE!
  • And then comes Monday, and for the sake of my buds in ministry, there IS such a thing as a Holy Hangover.  Most don’t make it back in to the office till Tuesday. 
  • And then We Welcome Spring Break, usually a shut down time for lots of churches.  I find this interesting, coming off of a “ramp up” period, and then a time of rest, well earned might I add. 
  • Here’s my question:  In A Techie, A/V, Media persons world, how do you feel you did last week?  (1-10 scale) leave me a comment. 
  • How do you plan on Maximizing your “Down Time”, if any, for Spring Break? 
  • Last Question:  When do you turn the page, and start planning “the next BIG thing”?  Whats it for: Mother’s Day?  Memorial Day?  Earth Day? lol!  Hit me up!

January 22, 2008

How a Media Guy sends Valentine’s Greetings…

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20020214-valentines_day.jpgBeing in the Visual Presentation field of work, we are seeing lots of Church Media People downloading tons of thematic backgrounds.  The next big thing, Valentine’s Day.  Don’t get caught doing this at your church, ever! This church, has got it going on, very cool.   Get your Shoutable Media, , if you haven’t already.   Then on to Easter, find it HERE.  With more and more church producers making thematic backgrounds and clips, there is no limit what you could do visually.  God is Love, right?  If you haven’t thought about what to get your significant other yet, how about giving some Bubble Joy… thanks goes out to Dave from Churchy Media for finding this one..You could even send your church volunteers some brotherly love this way too… 😉

December 27, 2007

Pushing the line in Visual presentations….

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What a thankless job sometimes.  When you do a great job in the media booth, nobody notices you, but when you make a mistake, everyone notices.  Isn’t this kind of counter-culture.  We are a people trying to stand out, trying to push the envelope.  But what a rewarding ministry.  I have no doubt in my mind that media can help win people to Christ.  So how do you gauge success?  The word I stress when presenting, is Seamless.  How seamless can we make each and every service from our aspect.  I don’t know about you, but i’m always looking for things online, through Youtube, etc, to bring into my presentations.  I use a free program called VIXY to convert my FLV files to AVI to show within Mediashout.  Some are funny like this one,   some are awe inspiring like this one, and some tend to push the line like this one.   Its this last one that I struggle with.  I call these 60-40 decisions.  Should I, or shouldn’t I.   When was the last time you presented something you weren’t sure would “go over”?  Is it ok to push the line here?