March 4, 2008

Thoughts on Politics, Media coverage, Rush’s revolt

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  • rush-limbaugh.jpgToday’s focus turns to Texas and Ohio for the big vote:  Can Hillary stay in the race?
  • Barack Hussein Obama outspent her in those two states 5-1, can she still compete? It appears that Texas is the “all or nothing” state.  Other countries are calling our election process a joke.  Is it really about the money?
  • The Media has written off Huckabee, the guy seems to me to have the most Reagan-esque qualities.  During the debates, he averaged 7 minutes of speaking to McCain’s 22 minutes.   How can they get away with this? 
  • Ann Coulter will support Hillary?  Watch her HERE!
  • Rush Limbaugh has called for all “Ditto-heads”, er, Republicans, to vote for Hillary to throw the DP into a political mess.  Watch it HERE!!   Can this strategy work?  I can’t wait to find out tonight. 

January 11, 2008

I know who i’m going to vote for…

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rockyourvote-cd.jpgWith this being a voting year, the television is filled with skewed reporting.  I find myself floating from Conservative channels to Liberal Channels, hoping I can make heads and tails of who stands for what.  I found this website that has helped me discover who i’m most aligned with.  Kinda scary, but hey, it is what it is.   Check it out HERE!!