January 31, 2008

Mediashout 3.5 on a Mac

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bootcamp_hero20071016.pngI’m very pleased so far with Bootcamp, an apple application which allows users to be able to run Windows on your Mac.  The Leopard OS comes standard with Bootcamp, and allows you to run all of your Windows stuff, if so desired.  This is great for churches that want to make the switch, but don’t have thousands of dollars to abandon their favorite Windows programs, such as Mediashout, and move over completely to Native Apple products. I call it the best of both worlds (eh, perhaps i’ve been exposed to too much of my daughters Hannah Montana music).   Anyway, I get phone calls all of the time, of churches wanting to make the switch, but want to bring their PC software with them.  This program is for you.    Have you made the switch yet?  Are you thinking about it? 

January 28, 2008

Triple Screen display made easy..

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gxm_03oct06.jpgAfter seaching various ways to achieve the goal of triple screen display, I stumbled upon the Matrox TripleHead2Go.    For PC Presentation Software, this is a very affordable solution for churches that wish to take their services with a multiple screen format, one pc setup.   I’ve also seen this used for Architectural Projection in churches as well.  Camron Ware has really challenged me with how this could be used as well.  Mediashout has now started selling A “Bundle Package” with this included.   It also supports widescreen and DualHead modes.  You can actually run your Windows setup3_open_laptop_sm.jpgdesktop at up to 3840 x 1024 resolution stretched across three displays (1280 x 1024 per display).  Background producers are catching on to the triple screen craze, these two I have seen up close;  Defy Creative’s Expanse Series,  and Awake Images (check these guys out, they have over 400 Trip Screen backgrounds for FREE, yes, that’s right, FREE).  Have you tried this setup yet? What have you found that works for you?