September 15, 2008

College Football is just getting interesting….

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Fail, Bitch

September 5, 2008

Does this make you want to buy a PC, instead of a Mac??

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PHOTOG OPS…VANDY/South Carolina :)

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Fun game, minus the rain in the first half…’Dores WIN!!   I was hoping to catch Spurrier throw his visor, but wasn’t rewarded with it, though he had many opportunities to do so.  I’m a big fan of Thursday night games, and it was  cool to see Vandy get the exposure, rather than two team I care nothing about.  Looks like VANDY sits alone atop the SEC EAST….Who would have thought???

September 2, 2008

Monday Linkfest…..

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  • Ever known someone who’s more “Theologically Preccupied, than Evangelistically Fixated?”  Click to Read it HERE!… Thanks Todd. 
  • Todd, again, from MMI linked this about today’s Free Multi-Site Ministry Webinar.. Click HERE
  • So, my beloved Vols fell, and hard, last night in overtime.  Very tough, read my shared thoughts about it HERE…
  • And…………….HERE
  • Google is launching a web browser?  uh oh… HERE Watch out Microsoft…
  • National Community Church is giving Free Tattoo’s…HERE
  • USB in a Teddy Bear?  HERE