August 21, 2008

Stuff (Stuph) I’m digging this week.

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:01 pm by charlesshyblosky

A buddy of mine, works in Sales and Marketing for Uth Stuph.  I have purchased from them many times, and wear their clothes alot.  Very nice.  Looks like they have great marketing plan to churches, pastors, business’, etc.  check them out HERE, for your all your print needs…

Worship Films, one of my favorite producers, has done it again, making a very lengthy collection, aimed at people that are into the grunge look.  You want scolling paislies?  YOu got it.  You want something cool, without distracting?  You got it.   Check them out HERE to browse the whole volume, in HD or SD……

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  1. chad young said,

    thanks for the plug, chuck! any youth pastors or ministry staff out there would need quality merch give me a call at 800.242.9166 x111 or email at

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