July 11, 2008

Get a grip, its just a stupid phone….

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February 28, 2008

Ah, a new place to loiter…..and surf for free

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20065961014_starbucks3.jpgStarbucks announced that they are partnering with AT&T to supply Wifi access to Starbuck’s 7000 stores nationwide. Starbucks had previously partnered with T-Mobile to provide pay-Wifi access in their stores. AT&T’s new service offers free access to specific customers:

Beginning this spring, Starbucks Card holders can enjoy up to two hours of free Wi-Fi service per day at Starbucks locations offering Wi-Fi access, while more than 12 million qualifying AT&T broadband and AT&T U-verseSM Internet customers will have unlimited free access to the Wi-Fi service. In addition, more than 5 million of AT&T’s remote access services business customers will be able to access Wi-Fi service at Starbucks locations. AT&T will soon extend the benefits of Wi-Fi at Starbucks to its wireless customers.

Outside of these situations, AT&T’s Wifi service costs $3.99 for a two-hour session, or $19.99 for monthly access. Existing T-Mobile HotSpot customers should be unaffected. T-Mobile customers will continue to get free Wifi access at Starbucks due to an agreement between AT&T and T-Mobile.

Of interest, AT&T states that it “will soon extend the benefits of Wi-Fi at Starbucks to its wireless customers”, suggesting that iPhone users will also get Wifi access in the future. AT&T currently provides exclusive wireless service for the Apple iPhone.

February 26, 2008

I’m turning to the Darkside…..I’m getting one.

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From Macrumors.com   After weeks of anticipation, Apple has finally released new MacBook Pros based on the latest Intel Penryn mobile processors. The release arrives alongside new MacBook updates.

MacBook Pro includes the latest NVIDIA graphics processors, now with up to 512MB of video memory, and Apple’s innovative Multi-Touch(TM) trackpad, first introduced in MacBook Air(TM).The new MacBook Pro features the latest Intel Core 2 Duo technology withup to a 2.6 GHz processor with 6MB of shared L2 cache; up to 4GB of 667 MHzDDR2 SDRAM memory and up to a 300GB hard drive, plus NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GTgraphics with up to 512MB of video memory.

$1999. Macbook Pro 15″ 2.4GHz / 2GB / 200GB 5400RPM / 256MB Vram$2499. Macbook Pro 15″ 2.5GHz / 2GB / 250GB 5400RPM / 512MB Vram$2799. Macbook Pro 17″ 2.5GHz / 2GB / 250GB 5400RPM / 512MB VramThe 17″ model now offers an optional LED screen and a 2.6GHz model remains available as a built-to-order option at the Apple Store. The MacBook Pro also incorporates the advanced multitouch trackpad that was first introduced on the MacBook Air.Rumors of the new MacBook Pros culminated over the weekend, with reports that new products had begun shipping to Apple Stores. The new MacBook Pros are at the  Apple Store.

January 31, 2008

Mediashout 3.5 on a Mac

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bootcamp_hero20071016.pngI’m very pleased so far with Bootcamp, an apple application which allows users to be able to run Windows on your Mac.  The Leopard OS comes standard with Bootcamp, and allows you to run all of your Windows stuff, if so desired.  This is great for churches that want to make the switch, but don’t have thousands of dollars to abandon their favorite Windows programs, such as Mediashout, and move over completely to Native Apple products. I call it the best of both worlds (eh, perhaps i’ve been exposed to too much of my daughters Hannah Montana music).   Anyway, I get phone calls all of the time, of churches wanting to make the switch, but want to bring their PC software with them.  This program is for you.    Have you made the switch yet?  Are you thinking about it?