April 23, 2008

Noah’s Ark, Going green, and readings….

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  • Is it just me, or is this Hillary vs. Obama thing about to really turn ugly.  He outspends her 3 to 1, and finishes way behind in PA.  Was it money well spent?   How about we settle this WWE style, HERE it is!! (I love the ears, and Bill’s pithy comments)
  • Do you ascribe to Lifeboat Theology or Ark Theology.   Read more HERE! (leave me a comment)
  • I am just finishing the book, “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”, and I’m looking forward to Rob Bell’s new one, Jesus Wants to Save Christians.(due out in October)
  • Val and I are still looking at testdriving different vehicles..If gas prices keep going up and up, we might need to seriously look into Alternative fuel cars..
  • The Vols score with McDonald’s All-American, Hopson,  HERE!
  • Have a good hump day..

February 29, 2008

Church Media “Pick of the Week”

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wf_completeeasterhd.jpgOnly a few more weeks to get your service planned.   You can buy it HERE!  Created in partnership with HymnCharts.com, Complete Easter, by Worship Films,  is a unique collection of great music and great media for Easter worship services. Included in this collection are:

– 6 Easter songs (5 traditional hymns in contemporary arrangements, plus an original Easter worship song) – all accompanied by original videos! For each song, there is a demonstration version with and without lyrics, a split/click track version with and without lyrics, and a chord chart.

– 6 Long Plays, taken from the accompanying song videos

– 10+ Looping Backgrounds

– 2 5-Minute Countdowns

– A video Sermon Illustrator

Take a look at what it has to offer, buy the whole thing, or download only the ones you like, or need.  Either way, remember a ton of people acribe to the CEO model.  They only attend church on Christmas an Easter Only.    Make the most of it.  

February 12, 2008

Need New Media for Lent, Easter, or Valentine’s Day?

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