April 22, 2008

Tuesday happenings..and the week ahead

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  • Happy Earth Day.  Go hug a tree.  Start recycling, if you haven’t already. I have about 30 huge trees in my back yard, most over 40 feet high, and one was rotten to the core.  It was bound to fall ASAP, if not on my house, then perhaps one of two neighbor’s homes.  Not a good way to be a friendly neighbor, er, oh by the way, your home is flattened by a tree in my yard.  After numerous attempts at contacting my neighborhood committee for approval to get it chopped down, and two visits from potential axmen, the tree fell in the middle of the night, unbelievably it toppled gently into the woods, the only direction it wasn’t leaning, very weird.  I’ll chalk this one up to God and prayer, this tree looked destined to hit my house from the way it was leaning. 
  • I usually don’t get super personal, but this would be an exception I’m ok with. 
  • One of my former students went home to be with the Lord last week, Samantha Middlebrooks was taken in a tragic car accident, she was only 21.  Way too young.  I’m still kind of numb to the whole thing, she was blessed with an amazing husband, and close friend to me, whom I worked with for 5 amazing years in Vancouver, Jonathan.  Also was the daughter to Two amazing people, Pastor Randy and Tamara Kerr. 
  • When i started out as a Middle School Pastor, she had just entered the sixth grade, and got to be her pastor, even as I moved up to be her HS Pastor.  She led worship at our Youth Service every week with Steve, we called it, “The Ten Spot”, and was ever faithful to God and her ministry.  She left a lasting imprint on so many people, including her small group leaders(LeeAnn, Kristal, Bree, Stephanie, etc).  I haven’t been back to Vancouver in over 3 years now, and have so many people I can’t wait to see, re-kindle friendships, and for a time…grieve.  I haven’t seen Aaron Wilder in over 3 years, wow.  I miss that guy.  I fly in on Thursday, returning on Saturday.  Please keep Sam’s family in your prayers…(She’s in the pic, right behind Johnny Gaither, and Lauren Heerlein, beside Jill)