August 15, 2008

Bigfoot found in Georgia? What’s next?

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So, I just watched the live press conference, with the ole’ boys that stumbled upon a carcass of a Sasquatch…..allegedly!   These guys came into the meeting, with cnn, fox news, and tons of other media outlets…loaded for………..squirrel?   They produced DNA evidence that came back, A) for a possum, and B) for a Human, and C) void.   Wow, they were even nice enough to produce one extra pic to appease the crowd of media, which didn’ t happen.  You can definitely tell these guys spend alittle too much time out in them thar’ woods.  This should definitely make my next hiking trip, over that way, a bit more exciting, seeing as how they implied to seeing three more of them.  Good times. 

All this to say, it does make me think, that if this is true, what else could have been hidden from our direct line of sight for so long, and just now coming to light?  Noah’s Ark?  The Ark of the Covenant?  The Holy Grail?  Jesus’ remains?  If there really is a “bigfoot”, it just might rekindle the human spirit, of faith.  Faith, the evidence of things unseen.   Only time will tell, and separate myth from reality….Do you believe?  

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