August 8, 2008

Friday thoughts and trends….

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I’m always interested in people that I talk to, whether its at the drive thru window, or at the coffeeshop.  I’m also interested in the types of people that I get to serve in my job capacity.  As a church  consultant, my goal is to listen to the consumer, interpret what their needs are, and offer guidance (hopefully money exchanging happens here:).  Wow, that sounded simple just typing it.  lol.  I’ve used Mediashout since it’s inception, way back in 1998, and have used it ever since.  I remember when I first saw it at a convention, I knew that it was going to be HUGE.  Not just the product, but the ideas behind it.  10 years later, look how far we as churches have come.   And now, getting to work there, the ministry value is stronger than ever.  There are over 50 groups and companies that do what we do at Mediacomplete.  Some of them better than others, but the goal remains the same, to supplement churches and bring them into the 21st Century.   After doing this for around 2 years, i’ve broken this down to Three types of people that I talk to daily, and i’ll outine them here:

  1. The Pastor:  This is the guy that is looking for something that will apply his message to the screen, be easy enough for a volunteer to run, and most likely saw us at a conference and wants to pull the same type of thing off, that he saw there.. He’s talking to me about how he could use a wireless presenter, to be a one man show with his sermons, and a strong concern with the pricetag.  He doesn’t usually know how it works, he just knows he wants it to. 
  2. The Techie:  This guy is the one that will be implementing the software.  Also, most likely to make more money than the other two, lol, which means cost isn’t an issue, IF it works the way he needs it to work.  Also, most likely to send me an email, with computer specs mentioned in his signature.  He’ll be the one to buy the computer, update the drivers, ask the pastor for more A/V money, and put together what he thinks the pastor might want.   Also, most likely to gripe that the worship dude didn’t get him the songlist on time. 
  3. The Youth Guy:  This upstart person is convinced that there is a better way of doing most everything.  If there is something cool he could wow his students with, he’ll try it (and have a 13 year old run it).   He’s talking to me about the latest and greatest features, wanting to use multiple screens, and use 10 different backgrounds per song.  If he’s not already, he’s leaning towards joining the Mac Fanboy club.. This guy isn’t afraid to press the line, and loves embracing new technologies.  This guy loves what he does, for little pay, and is completely reliant on someone else to approve him buying cool stuff like Mediashout, and smart lights. 

Maybe you fit into one of these groups, maybe not.   I’m amazed at how God has uniquely hard-wired each of us differently, to impact the kingdom.   Using technology to broadcast  “life’s most important message” is secondary, communicating God’s love is primary.  In other words, the stratgies will always change (see bus ministry), but the mission never does.  Regardless of where you fall, remember, even though its challenging, the rewards of it are priceless.    You can’t put a pricetag on changed lives….

Is your group spoken for?   (leave me a comment)


  1. davidtjordan said,

    What about group 4? What about the coolest and most creative group of all- the WORSHIP GUYS? These are the guys who call to ask if MediaShout is compatible with CCLI and why we don’t have all the modern songs in the song database. These are they guys who aren’t afraid to wear t-shirts with cool prints on Sunday mornings. We’re the ones who stay up to the wee hours of the morning working on new songs and hope the techie-guy rolls out of bed early enough to change the lyrics before the service on Sunday! We’re the guys who might call and talk to you about Shout Music Manager and how it integrates with MediaShout while transposing How Great Is Our God from A to F because the lead vocalist has the flu this week. While we’re usually under the leadership of GROUP 1 above, we almost always direct the goings on of GROUP 2. GROUP 3- another planet altogether!! 🙂 Let’s give it up for GROUP 4!!

  2. davidtjordan said,

    Oh yeah…. we wear the cool printed t-shirts despite that Chris Elrod guy! (probably a group one’er) 😉

  3. How could I forget the rough shaven, starbucks toting, girl jean wearing, skull on teeshirt sporting song dude? They are definitely on the list too. This guy, he’s asking me questions about how the motion backgrounds will add to the overall experience, or take away. He’s most likely stuggling to find a blend for his people, some hymns and some crowder too. He’s wanting to do more “bells and whistles”, but yet wants to have a job on monday morning too. He’s the one that just got a comment card to stop preaching mini-sermonettes, during his songset. He’s also the one that gets the praise too. He’s the one that is calling me to find a way to pull this whole thing together, for the sake of the Kingdom. Tough job, this guy has. When he calls me, he’s looking for something versatile…:)

  4. I have another (albeit much smaller) group…

    Group 5: The Content Producer

    Flashlight Films, FortyOne Twenty, Media Fuel, Crossroads Creative (that’s me, BTW), and the list goes on and on, about 60 of us in all, who want to help the local body have quality video resources and backgounds to enhance what they do every weekend.

    We want to know that the programs our products are played on are rock-solid, easy to use, and widely compatible, and that the online store environment for our common customers is a good one, so that we can both sell as much product as we can, to further each our own respective ministries.

    And I feel that MediaShout, and The Shoutable Store have done this well. I’m looking forward to seeing the direction Mr. Moen takes you, and I pray that God will continue to use you all in furthering His kingdom.

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