July 21, 2008

36 second fight, Jelly Telly, and ATM

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:48 am by charlesshyblosky

  • Fedor Emelianenko extended the fight for 36 seconds, in the first round, tapping out Tim the “maine-iac” Sylvia with a “rear naked chokehold”.  Watch HERE the fight, with post-interviews.
  • Affliction put on a great show, highlighted by a stellar group of Heavyweight fights.  For their first promotion, the edges were a bit rough, but they’ll definitely get better over time.  Donald Trump was on hand, and the stars came out to see Fedor do his thing.   I don’t think I’ve felt so much hype since Mike Tyson was slaying people in his hayday.  The best is yet to come, with Fedor hopefully fighting Randy Couture. 
  • On the media front;  Do you remember Phil Vischer, the brain behind Veggietales?  Well, he’s at it again, this time with , Jelly Telly.  If you have time, watch him give his compelling reasons for launching this ministry, and the thoughts behind it with sample cartoons.  A must watch, HERE!!!
  • ATM (Lifechurch.tv’s At the Movies) keeps going strong, with this weeks movie used, being “The Bucket List”.  It’s not too late to check this week’s series out, tomorrow, live, at our Internet campus, HERE!    Notice the countdown till the experience begins….

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