July 15, 2008

6 things that made me smile today..:)

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  1. This picture, of my campus pastor, Andrew.   He and Marilyn are good friends.. 🙂
  2. My dad got to go home from the hospital, after a week and a half.   He had a new pace-maker installed.  You gotta love technology…
  3. 51 more days until “Football Time in Tennessee”.   College football season is fast approaching, and there just isn’t much in the news.  ESPN is covering baseball galore, which bores me out of my mind.   Bring UCLA on now, let’s get it on…
  4. Val and I celebrate our 10th anniv. on Friday, I can’t believe how time flys.  We are going to do it up right.  It seems like yesterday that we loaded up the Ford Probe, (yes, it was a probe) and moved to Washington State for our first pastorate.  Time flys when you’re having fun. 
  5. God is so good. He is continually faithful, and He has given me a renewed passion for life.  I gotta get outside and enjoy His beautiful creation.  Time to start planning another hiking trip.  😉
  6. Online communities, such as this.  It makes the world alittle bit smaller, and brings people closer together.  Sweetness…

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