July 7, 2008

4th of July, ATM, and Stints

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  • Below are some pics I snapped of our Fourth of July Celebration at Providence, in Mt. Juliet.  Wow, for the first time ever to be held there, it was awesome.  It had a Christian theme, and was supported with vendors, and eateries and such.  The entertainment was better than what was offered downtown, with Jeff Deyo performing, (of Sonicflood fame), followed by Chris Sligh (of American Idol fame).  It was perfect for families with small children, with lots of free stuff to enjoy, not to mention the shops at Providence.  Very nice, considering its 10 minutes from the house.   My best buds, Marc and Miranda brought their son Aiden, and Aaron and Christina brought their kids, Emmaline and Eli  (all seen in the pics…:))
  • At the movies,
  • at lifechurch.tv, came to an amazing start.  Our first movie we got to see was, The Pursuit of Happiness.  Unbelievable to see the  tears in the room, very touching.  Huge crowds, and many first time decisions were made, I can’t wait for next week!! 
  • If you can remember, say a prayer for my Dad today, he’s having his heart scoped at St. Thomas, who knows whats next, may a stint or two?? 


  1. Aaron said,

    yeah! it was a good time 🙂

  2. MP said,

    Good time indeed. Not too happy about the amount of time it took me to get out of that parking lot, but it was great to be back in MJ with old friends.

    hope to be up again soon.

    Praying for your dad!

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