June 17, 2008

Projection phones are coming….

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  • I’m trying to wrap my brain around how this could be used for ministry.  Check out more info on this stuff HERE!!  
  • Here are some potentials:
  • Mobility needed on Mission Trips.  Show the Jesus Film with the ease of this thing.
  • Portability for trips when airlines charge you $50 for an extra bag.. yikes…
  • Spontaneously show someone the four spiritual laws, on the fly….(a stretch, but it could happen)
  • How about improv meetings when you’ve got to show stats, quickly.
  • I’m thinking MediaShout Mobile Edition, give me a remote, and i’m good to go.  (For you iphone users, how about pro-presenter mobile?)

Ok, there is my list, can you think of some apps for this thing??? 

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  1. Interactive ghost stories at camp.

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