May 28, 2008

How do they know???

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Anybody else wonder how this CD sells?  My thoughts are who was deemed the judge of this little competition, and how they decided which songs were more “God filled” or more worshipful.  Any thoughts on this?  Would you consider, “In Christ Alone” to be modern or contemporary?  I’m leaning towards the latter….Also, does this title make you want to buy it?  (Leave me some comments)


  1. davidtjordan said,

    Oh, brother! Coming from this industry… this is called… “Hey, we’ve got to make 3rd quarter, and we don’t have a record to release. What can we toss together that’s already mixed, mastered and copyrighted?”

    All the compilations I’ve seen in my 20+ years in the music biz- it’s usually to make up revenue for an artist’s recording that didn’t recoup recording costs because the sales were so bad.

    Seriously- all joking aside. This is strictly a money thing. Most, if not ALL these songs have been recorded at least 5 times each already(he says, not having seen the list AT ALL!! —but I can almost guarantee it..!) The songs are top CCLI songs more than likely.

    With worship becoming an ‘industry’, I’m not surprised at these ‘filler’ products when I see them.


  2. They could label this thing with a couple of different tag lines:

    1. Guaranteed to take you into the very presence of God!
    2. Declared by God to be His personal favorites!

    This is the same industry that releases a “hot mix” version, with heavy guitars, and more aggressive mixing techniques, and also an “inspo” mix, sans guitars, replacing them with more piano or strings. All in the name of “reaching more people.” Whatever. Just let the “artists” be the artists.

    There you have it Charlie Boy. My two cents.

  3. When I saw this, i was trying to find out what their angle was, and my next question, is has this type of thing been profitable. Apparently, they’ve come out with a whole line of cd’s like this. ANother funny title: “What’s in God’s IPOD”
    or ” WWJLT” (What would Jesus listen to) lol

  4. Alyson said,

    My favorite is when they countrified the modern worship songs and put out a CD. Ricky Skaggs singing Never Let Go just doesn’t do it for me.

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