May 27, 2008

Weekend recap and looking forward

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  • I took the family over to Gatlinburg for the weekend, I think I paid $3.78 for gas on the way up.  From what I could tell, traveling was WAY down.  Usually there are traffic backups through Sevier County, and it actually wasn’t that bad.  No form of Media can truly express how beutiful nature really is. 
  • We stayed at the Kingwood Inn, and was very pleasant.  We even had a fireplace, not that we used it on such a hot weekend.  The place turned into a zoo on Saturday, people everywhere. 
  • We made it up to Ober Gatlinburg, to view the mountains, and see the bears (see pic below)
  • We missed church on Sunday, but upon returning, I did get to watch two of the messages that were produced for the ONE PRAYER EVENT, Craig’s, and Perry Noble’s.  starting this coming weekend, i can’ t wait.  



  1. We own a vacation property in Gatlinburg! We’ve been there in the summer, and in February. We may go back this November or December. It’s awesome!

  2. Aaron said,

    I can’t wait to go back! Yeah, we didn’t go anywhere. The Shell station in Hazel Dell is $4.15 today! Argggg . . .

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