May 14, 2008

MiniVans, Godtube, and Worship Films

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  • I’m pumped about Church tonight, I got to speak at Switch last Wednesday, “Tough Choices”, and 5 students accepted Christ for the first time, not bad for having 4 hours of notice, it HAD to be God and Him alone.  Tonight we are going to get messy.  Andy is breaking out some of his own songs too, I can’ t wait:  Check him out HERE!. 
  • Yes, remind me who i need to turn in my “ManCard” to, Val and I bought a Mini-van, a Toyota Sienna, and i’m officially done with my VW jetta.  Praise God.  I only had it towed four times this year, definitely time for an upgrade.  Lol
  • I’ve never been a huge fan of Godtube, but its definitely gotten better.  Easy to find messages, and clips longer than 10 minutes.  I watched an entire 45 minute message, but it took me 2 days to do so, with interruptions and such.  Download them into your presentation software with…Its a presenter’s best friend:)
  • I’ve been checking out Worship Films; Visual Fusion, and I’m liking it.  Seems like nothing new is flooding the market right now, thanks guys.  More on Father’s Day Media tomorrow….


  1. Aaron said,

    Congrads on the van!

  2. You don’t have to turn in your man card for buying a minivan. However, if you turn down a fishing trip to drive that van to the mall, while having an umbrella-ed drink, while wearing speedos, while watching figure skating on the on-board entertainment system, and all this emotion makes you cry, your problems go FAR beyond just the revocation of the card.

    As a former two-time minivan owner, it ain’t no big deal. Just don’t stay there after the kids get older!

  3. Charles said,

    thanks fellas. I’m glad it’s not being revoked yet. lol.

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