May 5, 2008

Monday Mayhem

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  • I gotta know, is THIS, really the most annoying song ever?  Play it Loud and tell me what you think..
  • Ok, so did you make it through the whole thing?  Interesting stuff. 
  • You got another song in mind?  (my vote:Anything by Wilson Philips)
  • Since this is a spiritual place, worst song ever sung in church?  Watercolor ponies
  • Most played-out, overplayed song in church history?  Friends are friends foreverAwesome God? Shout to the Lord?
  • Let me hear your thoughts?  


  1. Aaron said,

    The opera rap was the worst, hands down!

    As for overplayed worship songs, I agree with you: Shout to the Lord. Love the song, but after the five hundred millionth time . . .

  2. Didn’t get all the way through it. O’Reilly came on. But I was off to a great start!

  3. For a 15 year old song, Shout to the Lord has really stood the test of time. It’s a bit played out for my taste as well. the worst is when churches slow it down, and it sounds like lounge music.

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