April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright, Barna stats, and Youversion mobile

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  • My car wouldn’t start this morning, luckily the distributor is under warranty, must get that fixed today.  I’m not very patient when it comes to this type of thing.   Did I mention i’m looking for a new car????
  • From Barna Statistics, more and more churches are using projection systems, Check it out HERE.  which is good for me and my company. 🙂
  • My buddy David, wrote an excellent article on how this whole, Rev. Wright thing, is going over…. like a load of bricks…..Somewhere Hillary and McCain are laughing…
  • Over 500 churches have signed up to participate in the “One Prayer” campaign.  I’m expecting God to use this to reach a ton of people.  Has your church considered this
  • Ever wanted to access the Bible via your mobile phone?  Check out http://m.youversion.com     This is a free app, with over 14 translations of the Bible, and much more.  You can use Daily Reading, using the One Year Bible, and work your way through.  Engage in scripture today!!
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  1. Jonathan Hopson said,

    LOL!! The distributor wasn’t wet was it?

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