April 28, 2008

Vancouver trip, memorial service, and Monday madness..

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I had a great opportunity to make it back to the Pacific Northwest this past weekend for Samantha’s Memorial Service.  It was very fitting, and touching.  Pastor Mitchell Burch gave the message.  Thoughts: 

  • It was very emotional, and from the testimonies about her life, 22 people gave their lives to Christ.  Praise God.   I thought it was very fitting that my church started a new series which gave me some very fitting answers in times like these, check it out, HERE!
  • Vancouver hasn’t changed much in 3 years, besides some random LA fitness’ going up.  It was cold and rainy untill the last day, but then again, “when in Rome’……(the mountains were snowcapped)  i made it over to the coast, and snapped the above pic. (Haystack Rock) 
  • When you tell people that you are “doing life together”, its so true, it just isn’t lip service, regardless of distance.   (looks like lots of my favorite people are getting married, great reason to go back)
  • Thanks to Mike Floyd for letting me borrow one of his 28 cars, :),while i was there, and to Greg C. for putting me up for the night and for teaching me everything i need to know about coffee.  Thanks to Aaron for his hospitality, and expert driving skills and airport shuttling.  good times.
  • Some of my former students, and i, got to hang last Friday night, we went to the Kennedy School, very cool.  I miss these guys, it just didn’t seem like three years have come and gone.   See below pic.

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  1. Aaron said,

    Yeah, good times!

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