April 23, 2008

Noah’s Ark, Going green, and readings….

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  • Is it just me, or is this Hillary vs. Obama thing about to really turn ugly.  He outspends her 3 to 1, and finishes way behind in PA.  Was it money well spent?   How about we settle this WWE style, HERE it is!! (I love the ears, and Bill’s pithy comments)
  • Do you ascribe to Lifeboat Theology or Ark Theology.   Read more HERE! (leave me a comment)
  • I am just finishing the book, “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”, and I’m looking forward to Rob Bell’s new one, Jesus Wants to Save Christians.(due out in October)
  • Val and I are still looking at testdriving different vehicles..If gas prices keep going up and up, we might need to seriously look into Alternative fuel cars..
  • The Vols score with McDonald’s All-American, Hopson,  HERE!
  • Have a good hump day..

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  1. Jason Elkins said,


    Having a mini-van won’t make you any less of a man…having an alternative fuel vehicle minivan…You might have to watch the Die Hard trilogy. Seriously though, my brother bought a Toyota Camry Hybrid and they LOVE it. If I was looking for a new car, and money wasn’t a major issue, I would be seriously considering a Hybrid. http://www.toyota.com/camry/

    Good luck!

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