March 5, 2008

What I’m checking out this week.

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From From  Church Multimedia.  Software For $399, this program boasts the ability to toggle different things on each of your different projectors.  This  could be a very cost effective way for your church to do triple screen, all being separate.  Let me know if you’ve tried this.  They suggest you can easily insert your favorite presentation software to view within this program.  Let me know if you’ve used this, and how it works? 

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  1. Mike Chapman said,

    Video Select came with my Church’s media package. It works alright, but the switches are not very smooth. basically the same as pushing the buttons on the remote control of the projector. Transistions are not existant. Switching modes POP in and out just as if you had pushed the button on the projector’s remote. For DVDs, we now run them from the laptop to the projector directly via MediaShout. This avoids the switching problems mentioned above and allows for more flexibility in transitions and cueing.

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