March 3, 2008

Larry Norman Revisited

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larrynorman_thebestof.jpgThe Father of Christian Rock and Roll Passed away a week ago, Sunday, at the age of 60.  He inspired me in my walk with God, THIS SONG gets me every time, as well as an entire generation, and was the epitome of what cultural relevance looked like for his time, and yet held onto his core values relentlessly.  He opened for such groups as The Grateful Dead, and Janis Joplin, and was covered by groups such as DC Talk, most known for  “I wish we’d all been ready”.   I bought several of his CD’s and they really stand the test of time.  I even bought a video of him, with interview footage of what each song meant to him.  He was controversial for his time, bringing up STD’s to a religious audienceas well.  This guy was WAY ahead of his time.   My favorite Larry Norman song? Watch it:   Why should the Devil have all the good music…..    Today, he’s in heaven, probably playing these songs at Jesus’ Feet.  So, do you have a favorite Larry Norman song? 

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