February 6, 2008

“Youtube Only” Church. Church of Blow

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070323_inside_tji.jpgThis cracks me up…Check it out on youtube, HERE        I found this article from Jason Wilkins, http://www.thephoenix.com/  Since the Lord is reportedly present throughout creation, it stands to reason that he pervades the World Wide Web. And lo, His cyber-prophet has emerged in Maine.The Church of Blow emerged a few months ago, and has issued more than thirty video-sermons to its growing flock. They all feature a young man in a purple robe decorated with green hearts. He has a Biblical beard and a bug-eyed look. “Hi, I’m Reverend Cornelius Blow,” he lightly drawls. “I have had a vision . . . I was instructed: ‘Cornelius, it’s time to start a church . . . on YouTube.’” Eagle-eyed fans of local theater may have already identified the RevCorBlow (“that’s my hip-hop name”) as Jeremiah McDonald, who has graced Portland-area stages with his laser-sharp comic timing. McDonald is also a filmmaker who has embraced the Web as a way to hone his craft while finding an audience. His videos, which have garnered more than 100,000 hits, were made with little more than a Mac laptop and a borrowed camera. YouTube presents them to the whole world at no cost.


  1. Aaron said,

    What people do in the name of entertainment!

  2. buy beats said,

    Yeah.. that was out there

  3. Todd said,

    looks like he’s a smart marketeer

  4. This guy got what he wanted. Lots o hits….

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