February 6, 2008

“Youtube Only” Church. Church of Blow

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070323_inside_tji.jpgThis cracks me up…Check it out on youtube, HERE        I found this article from Jason Wilkins, http://www.thephoenix.com/  Since the Lord is reportedly present throughout creation, it stands to reason that he pervades the World Wide Web. And lo, His cyber-prophet has emerged in Maine.The Church of Blow emerged a few months ago, and has issued more than thirty video-sermons to its growing flock. They all feature a young man in a purple robe decorated with green hearts. He has a Biblical beard and a bug-eyed look. “Hi, I’m Reverend Cornelius Blow,” he lightly drawls. “I have had a vision . . . I was instructed: ‘Cornelius, it’s time to start a church . . . on YouTube.’” Eagle-eyed fans of local theater may have already identified the RevCorBlow (“that’s my hip-hop name”) as Jeremiah McDonald, who has graced Portland-area stages with his laser-sharp comic timing. McDonald is also a filmmaker who has embraced the Web as a way to hone his craft while finding an audience. His videos, which have garnered more than 100,000 hits, were made with little more than a Mac laptop and a borrowed camera. YouTube presents them to the whole world at no cost.