February 4, 2008

This year’s Manning Bowl goes to: ELI………

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manningvsmanning1.jpgHere are some thoughts on the weekend…

  • You gotta love seeing the underdog squeak this one out.  The line was 12, and I really didn’t think they’d cover it.   Thanks Pats…
  • Seeing Tom Brady lose to another Manning is priceless.  I’m thinking the Giants just wrote the playbook on how to beat the might Pats. 
  • The Super Bowl Commecials are the best, and its always interesting to see pundits rate them the next day.. (FedEx was Spot On)
  • See them Here, if you missed any of them. http://www.myspace.com/superbowlads
  • We Baptized a bunch of people Sunday, and the water was Cold!!  I knew I was in trouble when our Campus Coordinator was putting a Coffee Pot full of hot water in the tank…It made me think of THIS episode of Seinfeld, with George Costanza….:)
  • God is good….all the time!   Several first time commitments were made as well..
  • Also, Rick Warren made in onto the Colbert Report…HERE

What was your highlight from the weekend????

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  1. Todd said,

    My favorite add was the budweiser commercial, oops, i know, i know. U cracked me up with the Costanza reference. Women will never understand.

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