February 4, 2008

I can envision this being a Video Venue Church someday….:)

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cowboy_stadium.jpgOk, so I’m easily impressed with bells and whistles.  😉   The Dallas Cowboys are adding an amazing design element to the New Stadium they are building, read about it, HERE.  with a never before seen center-hung video board. It hangs 110-feet above the field from the arches, but here is what will be exciting to fans: It will stretch between the 20 yard lines, meaning the sideline boards will span 60 yards. So the fans sitting in the upper decks will have what amounts to a larger-than life game being played directly in front of them if they choose not to look down at the field (certainly not to gaze at the ever-so famous cheerleaders :)).  And this high-tech video experience doesn’t exclude those fans sitting at both ends of the stadium, since there will be two 48-foot wide boards facing them to enhance their experience.   Of course, everything in Texas is Big, right?   I wonder if they’d let me try out my xbox 360 on this thing?  Thoughts?  


  1. Randy said,

    This is going to be an amazing building. i can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. I don’t think that center media wall thing, has ever been done before. looks good.

  2. Todd said,

    LC will be there someday. Sooner than you think. Peace.

  3. That’s amazing!!

  4. Pete Wilson said,

    We just launched our first video campus in Dickson, Tn. Might be a little overwhelming there! 🙂 Glad I found your site. Lot’s of great info here. Thanks.

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