January 18, 2008

Church Tech Podcasts

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headphones.jpgI like to follow many Podcasts that I find on the net.  I have a collection of music, sermons, how-tos, etc.  I subscribe to 4 different Lifechurch.tv worship services.  This means I get to hear the worship sets each week, for free, from Tulsa, OKC, Stillwater, and South Oklahoma City.  How awesome it that.  As far as Church Audio Visual goes, I like to listen to Faithtools.net.  They have tackled many issues that are relevant to what I experience in the soundbooth, and want to learn.  Check them out HERE…..Any recommendations for Podcasts that I should check out?   Comment please….

January 17, 2008

This Church has a shotgun behind the pulpit.. seriously….

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new_shotgun_1a_jpg.jpgAfter reading about this church HERE,  I was shocked to hear that post 9-11 churches still take great precautions in insuring that there is no disruptions.  Be care amen-ing this preacher…LOL (Don’t taze me,bro), You’ve got to read what their website says about visiting Missionaries…..Have you ever been to a KJV only church?  What was your experience?   What forms of Media did they embrace?

January 15, 2008

How many Starbuck’s could you hit in 24 hours?

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Ok, so i’ve read “The Gospel according to Starbucks“, but this is over the top.  This Guy hit 171 in a 24 hour time span.  Coming from Washington State, there are tons of Starbucks, but this is crazy.   Watch the Video of his accomplishment HERE!!starbucksiv.jpg

Service Starters on Youtube

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honda-kickstart.jpgBuckhead Church, in Georgia used this song from Saliva, to kickstart their program.  I love what they’ve done with the Media, lights and performance to create a memorable experience.   Ladies and Gentlemen.   Check it out HERE!!!!   What do you think?

January 14, 2008

Dallas Pastor says: “We Need to Level the Playing Field with our Facilities”

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churchsign.jpgThis article is from Todd Rhoades blog, Monday Morning Insight.  I’ve commented on this several times, and thought this one was link worthy, click HERE!!!  Coming from Lifechurch.tv, we don’t even try to create huge shrines and build 75 million dollar facilities.  It seems the trend many churches are leaning towards, is  selling older existing facilities that have outgrown the area or appear too churchy, and relaunching in theaters and YMCA’s, etc.  I guess some people  see it that way..   I just don’t see this as an Arms Race, where the biggest baddest building wins the most church shoppers.  Is that really what we are about?   Let me know your thoughts…. 

January 11, 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary…..

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I’m sad to announce that the world lost one of its great sporting icons yesterday with the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary. He was 88. This guy was a stud!  Not only was the first person to BAG Mt. Everest back in 1953, his first words upon reaching the summit were,edmund-hillary.jpg “Well, we knocked the bastard off.”  Being into Mountain climbing myself, alot of people might be able to say they’ve accomplished something, but there will never be another first.  In anything you do in life, Trailblazing a new path would be the hardest.  In the Christian walk, going  where no one has ever gone before, daring to dream God-sized dreams, doing what most would deem impossible.  What has God called you, to be the first to accomplish??

I know who i’m going to vote for…

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rockyourvote-cd.jpgWith this being a voting year, the television is filled with skewed reporting.  I find myself floating from Conservative channels to Liberal Channels, hoping I can make heads and tails of who stands for what.  I found this website that has helped me discover who i’m most aligned with.  Kinda scary, but hey, it is what it is.   Check it out HERE!!

January 9, 2008

Collide Magazine announces Readers Choice Awards..

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jan_feb_082.jpgCollide Magazine has released their Jan/Feb 08 edition, with The Reader’s Choice Awards: Best of 2007.  Below are the notables  Best Recording Artist:  David Crowder Band      Best Tech Blog:  Engadget    Best Ministry Blog:  Church Marketing Sucks      Best Church Media Software:  MediaShout 3.5        I just got mine in the mail, and I’m always excited to thumb through the thought provoking articles and tech links.  Check them out.. 

January 8, 2008

Poor Buckeyes…0-9 vs. the SEC in bowl games…..

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January 7, 2008

America’s Most Innovative Churches…2008

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outreach.jpgEach year, Outreach magazine comes out with multiple lists such as Fastest Growing, Largest, Most Innovative.  There always seems to be some interesting churches on the lists, and to be honest, I’m always compelled to visit the websites of the lesser known ones.  Just released:  “America’s Most Innovative Churches of 2008″.  Last year, I called each of the 25 churches that made the list.  I was curious was made them “innovative”.   From the data that I compiled, The Presentation Software that I found most often were MediaShout (for pc), and Propresenter (for Mac), thanks for keeping me straight Greg, 2 use powerpoint exclusively, and 1 uses Hymnals (yes really), no seriously.   Does this surprise you?  The part that surprised me, was if a church uses hymnals, and no presentation software, then what makes them innovative?   Come to find out, they are church planting machines.  That’s right, machines, and I’ll call them innovative all day, and glad they made the list.  Thoughts about the list?

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