January 30, 2008

Videos and Films that communicate a central idea in service planning. (part 1)

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filming.jpgI’m a big fan of churches that use some form of video to assist in communicating the overall message.  Especially if you are dealing with students that are wired for this type of thing.  It’s in their DNA to crave this stuff.  We just got through with a  series called,”Film School”  at my church.  Some of the movies we used were Spiderman 3 and Mean Girls.   I’m also a fan of Lifechurch.tv’s reoccuring character of “Satan” himself, recently reappearing this past week, HERE!  The Series is called, “How to BE rich”, check IT out HERE.  I just saw a set of posts from Boyd Bettis, called, “Ideas for your: Worship Environments..”Check it out HERE.  The videos that they use to start their services are very thematic with the message and help tie everything in together.  Notice the music selection with each piece.  Send me a link to some of the videos or films you guys are using at your place.  Thoughts? 


  1. Boyd Bettis said,

    Thanks for the link to my page.

  2. kansasurfer said,

    how cool!

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