January 23, 2008

How great is our God..no seriously.

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:11 pm by charlesshyblosky

photo_012008_002.jpgphoto_012008_001.jpgWe are so blessed to be surrounded by such talented people at the Hendersonville campus of Lifechurch.tvAndy Kirk led worship this past week, filling in for, the oh-so talented, Brandon Frazier.  This is the pic I took ofour 10am experience.  I’m blown away at what God is doing, our attendance has almost tripled in the past year, and we’ve completely outgrown our facilities.  How do you fit 500 people in a 2700,no, 3200, square foot space?  Only God knows.  We’ve seen 80 straight weeks where at least someone has accepted Christ for the first time.   Watch more about this HERE!  What are some of the things that you are pumped about when it comes to your church?  


  1. Andrew HNV said,

    It’s actually 3200 square feet…lol.

  2. charlesshyblosky said,

    Thanks Andrew, ok, its a whopping 3200 sq ft. You make it sound like its Noah’s Ark, with two of each animal fitting in our little strip mall, lol. 🙂 Though, some students that come to switch could pass for looking like animals…….

  3. Something is in the air in Hendersonville.

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