January 18, 2008

Church Tech Podcasts

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headphones.jpgI like to follow many Podcasts that I find on the net.  I have a collection of music, sermons, how-tos, etc.  I subscribe to 4 different Lifechurch.tv worship services.  This means I get to hear the worship sets each week, for free, from Tulsa, OKC, Stillwater, and South Oklahoma City.  How awesome it that.  As far as Church Audio Visual goes, I like to listen to Faithtools.net.  They have tackled many issues that are relevant to what I experience in the soundbooth, and want to learn.  Check them out HERE…..Any recommendations for Podcasts that I should check out?   Comment please….


  1. Brian Davis said,

    Check out Creative Synergy. It’s not entirely tech, but includes communications, worship, leadership. The hosts are Greg Atkinson and Anthony Coppedge. I produce the podcast and we’re desperately trying to get back into the studio to record some new episodes. http://www.creativesynergypodcast.com

    Also Anthony’s solo podcast – Church Tech and Communications Podcast. You can find that one at anthonycoppedge.com

  2. charlesshyblosky said,

    THanks Brian, now i’ll have something to listen to over the weekend. I’ll check it out.

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