January 7, 2008

America’s Most Innovative Churches…2008

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outreach.jpgEach year, Outreach magazine comes out with multiple lists such as Fastest Growing, Largest, Most Innovative.  There always seems to be some interesting churches on the lists, and to be honest, I’m always compelled to visit the websites of the lesser known ones.  Just released:  “America’s Most Innovative Churches of 2008″.  Last year, I called each of the 25 churches that made the list.  I was curious was made them “innovative”.   From the data that I compiled, The Presentation Software that I found most often were MediaShout (for pc), and Propresenter (for Mac), thanks for keeping me straight Greg, 2 use powerpoint exclusively, and 1 uses Hymnals (yes really), no seriously.   Does this surprise you?  The part that surprised me, was if a church uses hymnals, and no presentation software, then what makes them innovative?   Come to find out, they are church planting machines.  That’s right, machines, and I’ll call them innovative all day, and glad they made the list.  Thoughts about the list?


  1. jeff said,

    i’m really surprised as well. churches that plant churches are spot on. i didn’t realize mediashout was in so many churches. looks like you did your homework. keep it coming, i’m loving the blogs on church tech.

  2. Chris said,

    I’m surprised, although I probably shouldn’t be, that MediaShout was used in 18 of the churches while the two Mac programs, iWorship and Propresenter only show use in 4 of those according to your stats. I’ve seen a lot of interest in churches “switching” to the Mac as their tech platform and just assumed that the same would be said of the bigger churches as well. Very interesting stuff, thanks for gathering the stats!

  3. greg said,

    thanks for this post, Charles. It is refreshing to see the Hymnal church listed on there. I think we too often overlook the heart of a church and straight to the “how”. We’re all in this together seeking the glory of God, whether we do it with a Hymnal or LED wall.

  4. Chris said,

    Yeah, that was cool seeing the hymnal on the list. Just goes to show that it’s your heart for God and not necessarily your technology.

    Looks like I commented on a cached version of this post as iWorship isn’t on the list any longer. What gives?

  5. charlesshyblosky said,

    AH, Granger uses Iworship, an in-house software they use and market. Very progressive, and here is the link. And at a great price.. $499. I expect next year, more will be using this one.

  6. Randy said,

    this just goes to show you that you can’t really peg what makes churches innovative. I use Mediashout myself, but want to go mac, soon.

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