January 7, 2008

America’s Most Innovative Churches…2008

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outreach.jpgEach year, Outreach magazine comes out with multiple lists such as Fastest Growing, Largest, Most Innovative.  There always seems to be some interesting churches on the lists, and to be honest, I’m always compelled to visit the websites of the lesser known ones.  Just released:  “America’s Most Innovative Churches of 2008″.  Last year, I called each of the 25 churches that made the list.  I was curious was made them “innovative”.   From the data that I compiled, The Presentation Software that I found most often were MediaShout (for pc), and Propresenter (for Mac), thanks for keeping me straight Greg, 2 use powerpoint exclusively, and 1 uses Hymnals (yes really), no seriously.   Does this surprise you?  The part that surprised me, was if a church uses hymnals, and no presentation software, then what makes them innovative?   Come to find out, they are church planting machines.  That’s right, machines, and I’ll call them innovative all day, and glad they made the list.  Thoughts about the list?

A long drive, but worth the Beatdown…

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photo_010208_014.jpgphoto_010208_010.jpgSo, after a 4 day layover in Oklahoma to visit the inlaws, I traveled to Phoenix, for a nice Sunburn, and a fantastic game (depending who you rooted on).  WVU played inspired and with fire, it showed.  The game was never really in doubt, as OU had no answers for the Spread Option.  Perhaps more big 12 teams will run it now.  WVU even got a new coach out of the deal.   I got to visit a few Sister churches while in OKC. I got to visit Trevor and the South OKC Campus of Lifechurch.tv on saturday, and Lifechurch.tv OKC on Sunday.   It’s truly amazing to see what God is doing across the country through Video Venue Churches.