December 28, 2007

Going Bowling…

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Are you ready for a Festive Fiesta Bowl.  My Wife’s Sooners take on My Mountaineers, as they meet this coming Wednesday.  The marketing of this bowl is crazy.  You can count 28 places in the Stadium the word “Tostitos” is printed.  They should call it the Chip bowl.  I’m heading over for the game, should be a good contest.  It’s kind of a shame Coach Rod had to leave like he did.  The University is now suing him for $4 mil.   That’s alot of cash.  So, let me know how your team is looking this bowl season?  SEC (Speed Equals Championships).  The Big Ten (The Big Slow) will get pounded again.   The Vols will blow UWisc out of the water.   UF will pound Tebow down Michigan’s throat.  And The Bayou Bengals run over Ohio State.  (OSU is 0-8 vs the SEC in bowl games).    Let me hear your picks…..


  1. Andrew said,

    Ouch…what happened?

  2. Why bring up the nightmare of a game!

  3. charlesshyblosky said,

    Ok, so Florida didn’t hold up their end of the deal. But the Mountaineers put the pedal to the metal. Stoops is 0-4 in the most recent BCS games. The Sooners showed no fire, and started slow, and too little too late in the second half. We’ll see if LSU can hold up their end tonight. Vols win a good game vs a stout Wisconsin team.

  4. I’ ready for B-Ball, my Sooners are looking good and the griffin boys go to

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