December 20, 2007

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:29 pm by charlesshyblosky

UT's Brian Williams tries to guard UNC-Asheville's Kenny GeorgeTalk about a modern day version of David versus Goliath.  UT’s 6foot10inch Brian Williams defends against UNC-Ashville’s 7foot7inch giant last night…. thankfully, UT won the game….What struck me is how his presence, even when he wasn’t involved direcly, affected the game.   So it is in life.   What giants are you facing in your life, that need to be defeated?   (Debts, broken relationships, etc)  Get to work.  


  1. chad young said,

    go vols!!!!! praise God!!!!

  2. Jason said,

    How often do we feel attacked by something larger than we are? I LOVE this picture. I’m “getting to work”!! Thanks for the reminder.
    Transparent Christian Magazine

  3. charlesshyblosky said,

    Chad: Govols, we’ll need all the help we can get vs Gonzaga on Saturday, and in the Outback bowl v. Sconsin, with a lean staff.

    Jason: The Holidays always seem to bring with it, it’s fair share of problems that tend to loom over our heads. Thats what new years resolutions are for, right?
    God Bless……………

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