December 19, 2007

Mediashout 3.5 is here. Check out the new features…

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This is, IMO, the best, most reliable, cutting edge presentation software for PC on the market.  You can buy mediashout at or from    Newest Features include: 

  1. Page text dissolves (Text, Bible and Lyric cues)
  2. Stanza-specific BGs (Lyric cues)  This means each verse can have a different background.. WOW
  3. New stanza types (Lyric cues)
  4. in-text verse numbers (Bible cues)
  5. Enhanced songselect downloading (ShoutSinger; in Express now)
  6. Select and fire cues by number (Script window)
  7. Get Shoutable Media link (Help menu and main toolbar; in Express now)
  8. Song Group assignment in Import Songs wizards (ShoutSinger)
  9. “One verse per paragraph” pagination option (Bible cues)
  10. Bible selection controls in CPB (Bible cues)
  11. insert Bible passage into text from CPB FG tab, Insert button menu (Text, Bible and Lyric cues)

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