October 6, 2008

Vandy/Auburn pics..Gameday

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I’m glad I got to go to the game, even though I had a chance to go over to Knoxville to see UT/NIU.  Both would have been nice.  Marc P, Jeremy Maurer, and myself had a goodtime tailgating, and catching up.  Vandy held the game close for 4 quarters, and made it to the bell, coming out on top….14-13….Go dores….i guess…So much for Corso’s prediction…;)

September 15, 2008

College Football is just getting interesting….

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Fail, Bitch

September 5, 2008

Does this make you want to buy a PC, instead of a Mac??

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PHOTOG OPS…VANDY/South Carolina :)

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Fun game, minus the rain in the first half…’Dores WIN!!   I was hoping to catch Spurrier throw his visor, but wasn’t rewarded with it, though he had many opportunities to do so.  I’m a big fan of Thursday night games, and it was  cool to see Vandy get the exposure, rather than two team I care nothing about.  Looks like VANDY sits alone atop the SEC EAST….Who would have thought???

September 2, 2008

Monday Linkfest…..

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  • Ever known someone who’s more “Theologically Preccupied, than Evangelistically Fixated?”  Click to Read it HERE!… Thanks Todd. 
  • Todd, again, from MMI linked this about today’s Free Multi-Site Ministry Webinar.. Click HERE
  • So, my beloved Vols fell, and hard, last night in overtime.  Very tough, read my shared thoughts about it HERE…
  • And…………….HERE
  • Google is launching a web browser?  uh oh… HERE Watch out Microsoft…
  • National Community Church is giving Free Tattoo’s…HERE
  • USB in a Teddy Bear?  HERE

August 29, 2008

If we do this to each other, just wait till we get ahold of UCLA on Monday..

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Football season is HERE, and back in dramatic fashion last night.  Vandy beat an always game, Miami of Ohio.. SC beat up NC State, despite the starting qb throwing 4 INT’s.  And GT got things rolling with a big win.  So, UT goes into the Rose Bowl on Monday, with a chip on their shoulder.  They lost to Cal last year in the season opener, and hopefully they’ll show up this time in the balmy SoCal scene.  A buddy of mine just started blogging, and has some great thoughts on UT and the season, check his blog out HERE

Things I’m looking to see this weekend…

  1. The Claw-fence:  UT has a new offensive co-ordinator, and a new starting qb.  Noone is quite sure what offense we’ll be running,  and i’ll be sure to DVR it, so i can disect it later….:)
  2. How well will Norm Chow gameplan for our Defense?  With the Third String QB? 
  3. LSU vs. Appalachian State.  Should be a great game, with lots of offense. 
  4. UF vs. Hawaii.  Yeah, Hawaii is down this year, but hey, Tebow is fun to watch…
  5. Louisville vs. Kentucky.  Battle in the Bluegrass State.  Hope UK pulls it out..
  6. OU vs. UChatt.  Ok, this will be a blowout, but hope that the Mocs represent…

So, thats it, what are you watching this weekend?  More DNC?  Pro Football? 

Who’s your pick to win it all in college football?  Against who?   (leave me a comment) 🙂

Dead Sea Scrolls go Digital…..

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I’m really excited to see this happen.  How cool is this…

During the span of the next 2 years, the Israel Antiquities Authority will digitally photograph and scan every bit of crumbling parchment and papyrus that makes up the scrolls, which include the oldest written record of the Bible’s Old Testament. 

The images eventually will be posted on the Internet for anyone to see.

Here is the link.

“These are the earliest copies of the Bible ever found,” said Pnina Shor, head of treatment and conservation at the Antiquities Authority.

“The Bible is sacred to us and to you and to all the monotheistic religions, and therefore [the scrolls] are national treasures and world treasures, and therefore it is our duty to preserve them at least for 2,000 years more.” 

More about the Dead Sea Scrolls…HERE

August 22, 2008

Why a Spanish Version of MediaShout?

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  • To help carry out, The Great Commission, of course. 
  • It is estimated that there are between 5000 and 7000 different churches in Mexico. Many of these are protestant or evangelical churches.
  • It is estimated, the U.S. has over 10 million illegals in this country alone.  They need Christ and a church….and Mediashout….:). 
  • In July 2007, there were 45.5 million Latinos living in the United States, making them the largest minority group in the country.
  • There are an estimated 30,000 Spanish speaking churches in America. 
  • We want to aid churches around the globe, better communicate the Gospel story, the greatest story ever told, in their own language. 
  • Also, have you ever gone on a mission trip to a spanish-speaking country?  Bingo.   Buy it, use it, and then give it to them….

Just in: New from Mediashout!

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MediaShout EXPRESS Español Released

MediaShout EXPRESS is now available in a fully translated Spanish Edition. The complete user interface is presented in Spanish and the edition contains a Spanish Song Library and the most popular Spanish language Bibles including the NIV and Relanna Valera 1960. MediaShout EXPRESS Español retails for the same price as the English-language edition, $229.00.One of the priorities of the new MediaComplete LLC is to take MediaShout to other countries in conjunction with Don Moen’s extensive international tour schedule.

Purchase your copy of MediaShout EXPRESS Español 



How cool is that.

August 21, 2008

Stuff (Stuph) I’m digging this week.

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A buddy of mine, works in Sales and Marketing for Uth Stuph.  I have purchased from them many times, and wear their clothes alot.  Very nice.  Looks like they have great marketing plan to churches, pastors, business’, etc.  check them out HERE, for your all your print needs…

Worship Films, one of my favorite producers, has done it again, making a very lengthy collection, aimed at people that are into the grunge look.  You want scolling paislies?  YOu got it.  You want something cool, without distracting?  You got it.   Check them out HERE to browse the whole volume, in HD or SD……

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